Not all spreads are created equal

…and here’s hoping Morris keeps his physical brand of football he ran at Clemson.

Those worried about the defense…where was this talk before? I’d say 90% of posts were “we want an exciting offense.” I totally agree we need a stout defense. I do think the Malzahn spread is a physical offense that still allows a defense to practice physicality. That’s one reason I dislike the air-raid system so much. It does NOT allow for that.

Clemson runs this system and has an awesome defense…and they didn’t always! It wasn’t too long ago Clemson was similar to Arkansas in the football world. Dabo got that turned…and Morris was a major part of that.

I am happy with this hire.

Venables was my first choice because we needed defense. That said, I’m great with this hire and hope it’s a spread that does not emphasize tempo all the time. There’s a time the defense needs a rest. Fast tempo (60 minutes of hell?) often sacrifices its own defense. This is hoping it’s a power spread that can go up tempo or at a slower pace.

I know it is a very long shot but how would you feel if we got both Morris and Venables to Arkansas?

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When Morris was at Clemson there tempo was faster than Malzahn’s

Highly unlikely, but I’d be calling the Hogs big time!

Hopefully he’ll adapt to personnel, and surely he will.

Not all spreads are created equal? Goodness, man, I found this out in high school. :lol:

Totally agree. I was worried with some of the names floating around. It is one thing to throw the ball all over the field in the AAC or big 12 where they do not play defense. Finesse will get you part way there in the SEC, but you have to be physical, especially on defense to be successful.

I was actually thinking that earlier.

I think the best coaches adapt to their personnel. I think Chad Morris understands that. Maybe it will evolve some from what it starts out to be. Can they run power spread with so-so offensive line talent? Maybe they can. Maybe it’s what you emphasize. But there is no doubt he understands the need to run the ball.