Not advocating for this at all

But I’d like to hear thoughts on Dan Enos.

A bad OC? No thanks

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He seems to call good plays

That’s about it

He was actually a pretty darn good OC. Think Saban hires bad OCs?

He never called a play for Alabama.

Miami has been less than pleased with Enos, thus far.

He’s a good qb coach. (Bad about recruiter). But a good qb coach.

He had some good offenses at Arkansas, but I wouldn’t ever, in a million years consider him for this job. He had some solid offensive players to work with. He has more at Miami, and nothing to show for it. Most fans want him gone. Classmate of mine is a Miami alum, can’t stand him.

He’s not a good OC in my book, average at best.

Not saying I think he’d be a good HC for us either. Just thought he’s a good OC.

Miami was talking about firing him already.


Enos was the best of the ending Bielema assistants. He certainly was a much better play caller than Craddock. Petrino is the best play caller available but the Politically Correct segment of the fan base would be in an uproar if he was hired to run the offense. Who knows what the future of Razorback football will be. Surely, this is the bottom. I just hope that they will have another good run soon.

Why not offer Kiffin $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 more than Ole Miss and just hire Lane? The lost revenue from bringing in a ho-hum hire is going to cost a lot more than letting Ole Miss outbid us.

If Yurachek was hamstrung in this hire by the board due to money, then we probably never should have fired Chad Morris, as sorry as he was, and kept the $10 mil and hoped for a better future.

Kiffin was our guy,apparently, but we lost him this week. I thought we were at rock bottom, but somebody lowered the floor some more.

Was Kiffin our guy, or was that fans grasping for the big name hire and the press assuming Arkansas was courting him?