Not a ton of positive recruiting news these days - unless you get excited about PWO's

IMO - I think we need to do really well in the spring portal…

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It’s good news when you get a PWO! Especially a player that has always wanted to be a hog! Grant Morgan is just one lately that sure helped on the field. That’s how he got in the team to start with!


I’d have to think that before the transfer portal a few of the PWO’s would likely had scholarship offers.

HDN had a ton of success with PWOs - Mitch Petrus, Stephen Parker, Tony Bua, Dan Doughty, Jimmy Beasley, Andrew Davie to name a few.

Some of those we now have committed will become stars too.

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Yes what about Brandon! Greater!


I enjoy the PWO’s. They have heart and give everything they have to do their best just to get on the field.


We seem to be developing depth at long snapper…got a highly rated one last year, but recruited a somewhat lower rated on this year. Not intending to poke fun…I am fairly happy about our recruiting…just need 1 or 2 more big guys for DT.

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The key is find a DT that comes from high school each year and keep some depth with experience so the young guys can redshirt if they need too.

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Hope T. Carter is gonna be 100% for at least some of spring or all of summer.

It would be nice. I hope they find a good DT in the portal this spring.

I believe that we have accepted 13 for this class. Seems like an awful lot

High reward but low risk IMO…you might find a diamond in the rough but if they don’t pan out then they won’t get a scholly…coach takes a test drive so to speak but doesn’t have to buy.

PWO is not guaranteed a scholly.

Pretty sure Tony Bua was not a walk-on, but you are correct we have enjoyed the benefit of numerous walk-one, including Grant Morgan.

I’m pretty sure he WAS a walk on at the beginning. He had a signing day ceremony (like many of Nutt’s walk ons), but was placed on scholarship later.

Bua didn’t have many offers out of high school.

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