NOT a prediction...just a reminder

I was in the stands in Fort Worth in 1981 when TCU finally beat Arkansas for the first time after 22 losses in a row. It came on a late-game rally that shocked the Hogs and their fans.

We limped home to Fayetteville and hosted #1 Texas…who we beat like a drum, 42 to 11.

You just never know.


I was in the stands for that beat down. Yes I remember.

I was in Amon Carter the last time TCU beat Arkansas in 58, Franks first year at Arkansas. I was listening to the radio in 81. Nice long stretch.

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I was there that night. Wind was really blowing, especially in that 4th qtr. Should have won, but didn’t (sound like just the other day).

I was also there with my 3 best friends. And, one of them had bet $50.00 on the HOGS. That was a ton of money to any of us back then!!! Late in the game, my forlorn friend looks at me with the saddest expression EVER. And he says: first time in 22 years!!!

I too was at that game–with a TCU grad. Had to ride back to Plano with the AH and listen to him the whole way. I learned that night that I do have restraint when it is really needed. Also, watched the game Saturday with an Aggie–boy was that tough. When we lined up for the winning field goal, he was yelling miss it, miss it, miss it. I know, I need some new friends. Hope we can bounce back Saturday and at least keep it close. We do still have a lot to play for. Go Hogs!!

Last time we beat 'Bama was Nutt coached w Mustain to Cleveland TD pass in OT. It’s only been 15y. :sunglasses:

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Also just a reminder…

A&M lost two in a row last year - to us 20-10, and to MissSt in a game they should’ve won, 26-22.

Then they turned around and beat Alabama 41-38 the next week.

It’s just a crazy, wonderful sport.

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If aTm can do it at Kyle, not beyond the realm for the Hogs at RR.

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