Not a Greg Gumbel fan (never have been)

Out of the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks.
G.G. stated in so many words Alabama won! Tennessee won! Houston won! etc…
Then he said Kansas lost. That’s enough for me.
Since the days of David and Goliath there have been naysayers and it comes with the territory. Yet he’s been in this business long enough to know to choose his words carefully

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I see we’ve reached the “no one respects the Razorbacks” juncture in our journey to a national championship.

They gotta earn it. Let it happen….


Yes I agree and that may be the added fire-power edge that keeps them keeping on.

Not even sure why your responding, last week in several different threads you put the team”out to the pasture and then behind the barn and killed it” with your responses

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I did. I was wrong. I know nothing compared to you and others apparently.

But I don’t dare say I’ll eat crow. Look where that got us yesterday. LOL.


Haha right, I don’t know everything, but I didn’t respond to any of it either, you should see me at home watching hog basketball, I know the wife was ready for baseball, so we’re my dogs

We’re all good, let’s go Hogs

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Now now. Greg is the good Bryant brother. I don’t think I’m smart enough to understand how these words are an affront to humanity. Or to me as an Arkansas fan. I just felt kind of bad for Greg, because he seemed to have aged quite a bit since last year.

Just adds fuel to the fire for muss to fire up the team, like 2 yrs ago when that writer from out west said muss was over his head coaching against beard and even last yr when Kellogg and Brarkey was saying we had no chance against Gonzaga, if I remember correctly he showed it to the team before we went out

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I too noticed that when I was watching the after-game show. I felt it as a slight as well. Proclaiming the other teams as winners but when it came to our game it was Kansas lost.

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Greg Gumball means nothing to me.
Just take care of business in Vegas.
I feel good about Muss with this many days to prepare, and UCONN got one less day than us.
Hogs win.

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Sometimes you don’t know wether to be rude and tell them to shut up or be cruel and let them keep talking.:man_shrugging:WPS

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