Not a great night for the RPI

Even though we’re winning. UNC and Mobilehoma both getting crushed. only shows us bumping up to 28 with the win, assuming we get it.

I noticed that too Swine. The Sooners have taken a complete nose dive.
Tonight Beard is driving me crazy.

All true, but that win against the Aubie’s—casting their Pearl before Swine—sure helped it a lot. Big win. I’d love to play our way up to about a 6 seed in the NCAAT. I suppose a 5-seed is a bit much to hope for, but I feel reasonably good about getting above the dreaded 8-9 seeds. Might need one more win to ensure that, but I hope not. It’ll be tough to win at MU. Maybe if we can get a double bye in St. Louis we can win at least one there.

A great night for the DPG!