Not a good time at USC

If you listened to Joe Healy on our podcast this week, you heard him talk about how bad of a loss USC’s finale against UNO was last week. He said USC should have easily swept that series.

Today, a commentary appeared in the student newspaper calling for the head coach Dan Hubbs, an alum, to be fired because of his lack of success: … h-for-usc/

That USC hasn’t been able to win much in baseball baffles me, kind of like Arkansas’ lack of basketball success, but on a greater scale historically. The Trojans have been to 21 College World Series and won 12 national championships. No other school comes close to that in baseball. LSU has the next most titles with six.

There was such a small crowd.

Arkansas gets more for scrimmage games

Arkansas drew more than 5,000 for the Wichita State scrimmage. USC’s stadium holds 2,500. That’s just the way it is on the West Coast, especially in pro markets.

As an Arkansas fan, its nice to be on this side of a “fire the coach” loss for a change.

But seriously, seems a little early in the season to be writing this kind of piece, especially after dropping a game 6-3 to a top 15 team. I get his problem is more with the past seasons’ performances, but I still wouldn’t expect to see a hit piece on a coach this early into a season regardless.

Some people have wanted Hubbs gone at USC for a couple of years. USC has not made the NCAA Tournament since 2015.

It is similar at Arizona State. They had a horrible season last year and have a history of winning teams. But they no longer have a home field and it’s not been good.

Those West Coast teams used to have many advantages, but they have lost some of them. The rise of the SEC and the quality of facilities, not to mention coaching, and competition (in the SEC) has reduced many of those advantages. Many of the PAC schools (and other West coast schools) are in urban areas and there is a lot going on besides college baseball.

Good players can see the advantages of many of the SEC schools and some of that is news coverage and fan support.