Not a good look for Mullen

been told what a jerk he is to deal with and this shows it. All he has to do is answer the question but now he will have to make a statement trying to clarify his comments. He will try and portray himself as a victim.

Never mind any clarifcation. LOL.

He’s so arrogant.

He still may end up doing well at Florida; however, I can’t help but think that it’s starting to look like he’s one of those people who is better off being a big fish in a small pond.

You pull in a 4* wide receiver at MS State and that’s quite a victory.
You pull in a 4* wide receiver at Florida and they want to know why you missed out on the 5*.

You better have the right ego for the big pond or you end up getting swallowed by a bigger fish.

Best recruit Mullen ever got was a 3-star from Haughton, LA. Name of Prescott. I’m sure he’d like us to think he knew Dak was gonna be a stud, but I suspect this is a case of waking up on third base and thinking he hit a triple.

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