Not a good day for the SEC

Alabama gives up 100 to Gonzaga and Kentucky can only score 53 against UCLA.

UCLA and Gonzaga both good teams, but where was Alabama’s defense and Kentucky’s offense. . .

Texas AM loses to Memphis by 4, that was a good game btw.

0-3 is not a good look for the SEC. The only reason I care is for seeding at the end of the year for the Hogs. Otherwise I would root against them all.

Hoping TN can beat AZ but . . . . we’ll see.

Missouri wins on a last second shot against UCF and Mississippi State beats Nichols by 2. . (both scores were 68-66 which is odd).

SEC was 0-3 in Top 25 games on Saturday. Cup half full take is one of the three games was an away game, one was neutral site and Alabama lost a neutral but in-state game.

Add to that, Auburn lost an away game to unranked USC.

Bama just played Michigan St, Connecticut and N Carolina, followed by Houston, Memphis and the Zags, w S Dakota St sandwiched between, winning 5 of the 7. The only ranked team w a stronger schedule is Gonzaga and by a hair. It’s called regression / letdown. When conference play starts, they will be ready.

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Hog fans are happy… glad some in the SEC are unhappy.

I am only for the hogs and since it is bad for the hogs if our SEC opponents lose out of conference games. I’m very disappointed in all of those teams for the steaming pile of crap hey left on the court.

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