Not a controversial call

That was a foul everyday. Undercut bump the shooter before the release.

Agreed, but did you see what they just showed, VA got away with a double dribble,

Not a foul…ridiculous call to give the game to VA…we would never have gotten such a ticky tack foul…sick and tired of fouls being called on 3 pt attempts…

Yup, they blew that one.

I was screaming that the second it happened.

It’s not a ticky tack call, but it is an inconsistently called foul. Virginia just got lucky getting the call. By the rules, it was a foul, but I’ve seen worse not get called and much less get called.

Couldn’t have happened to a better team and coach.

It’s about getting the ACC to the championship game! The double dribble should have been called and then that foul never happens.
VA bumped Auburn on the last shot as well. No call! Bruce Pearl should have managed the game better. Pearl is a crook so really who cares!

General…you said what I was trying to say…they played football all game…then they called that…

Really great game. So glad UVA won.

That play is a foul in every game in every league. He bumped the shooter in the air while jumping into his landing space. There are literally written definitions of fouls describing it. Sometimes referees (bad ones) swallow there whistles in late game situations. Kudos to that ref for enforcing the rules.

Now, it shouldn’t have come down to that because of the missed double dribble earlier. But the foul call was 100 percent right.

It was the same ref that swallowed his whistle when Harper arm grabbed Jerome on the post up shot.

It was an obvious call, Auburn can cry all they want too.

The way Jerome reacted to that one, I feel sure he thought Harper fouled him intentionally because he knew he couldn’t stop him any other way. Dumb foul by Jerome in frustration that changed the momentum completely.


Auburn can blame the refs all they want. It was Harper’s missed 2nd free throw (after hitting 18 in a row) that kept the game from going to OT. I was shocked when Harper missed the FT. He’s been money all year at the line.

It was a foul. Saying you can’t call it there (as AU is saying) because it was late makes no sense.

The shooter should be given the opportunity to make the shot. You can’t undercut him during his shot just because it’s late. He had just hit the mirror image of the shot on the other side. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have hit that one if he wasn’t bumped?

It was a tough call but the right one. The blame lies with the AU defender.

If the refs were supposed to insure that they get the ACC to the championship game, as you claim, they certainly did a poor job by only calling four total fouls on Auburn the first 19:50 of the 2nd half. Auburn having fouls to give actually ended up costing them in the end, although they played it the way you are supposed to by the book.

The fact that we are all anticipating another foul probably was the main reason most didn’t pick up on the double dribble. I certainly didn’t catch it live as I thought the Auburn player had likely got a hand on it trying to steal or foul. I was just waiting on the foul call i knew was coming. Had he just let him go, the half court heave misses and game over, but of course you don’t give them the chance to make the Hail Mary with a foul to give.

The foul on the shot from the corner is a difficult one to make, but the right call, as others have stated. The official obviously doesn’t want to have to make that call at the end, but he had the guts to do it when a lot would have just let it go.

Auburn won their first game in similar fashion to the way they lost the last one. As stated earlier, what goes around comes around, and it came back around on Auburn on the big stage today.

Auburn tackled the Florida guy in the SEC tournament. Should have been a 3 shot foul. Nothing was called. Karma. :rofl::rofl:

I hear and see all the complaints about the no-call double-dribble, but the Auburn defender grabbed Jerome’s jersey right after he turns for the ball to recover from dribbling off his foot.

Admittedly, I didn’t know that should’ve been a double-dribble when watching live. But the official could’ve just as easily called Auburn for that foul before he even repossessed it.