Not a Bradshaw fan

Just something about his style or voice I don’t like.

Dane lives here in Chattanooga and works for Thunder Thornton a big Real Estate business here. He’s highly thought of locally. Thunder is good friend of Coach Fulmer and a good guy. I like Dane. Seems fair to me.


I think Dane does a great job and is always good to the Hogs. Would rather have him than Jimmy Dykes ANY day.


Me either…ever since he consistently beat the boys in super bowls. Oh not that one? :slightly_smiling_face:

He’s fantastic!

I’d take Dane over Jimmy as an analyst and announcer.

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Like Dane and Jimmy. Feel both know their basketball and generally focus on the game and don’t get caught up in silly side talk.


Dane is the best they have in SEC Network crew. He is President at Thunder Enterprises. I consider Thunder and Dane good friends. So I’m probably biased. He has one of the best - and highest paying - jobs in America. Thunder let’s him do games because it’s his passion but Dane will keep his day job.

I have toured the two mountains Thunder has developed near Chattanooga. Gorgeous. That’s where Dane spends his time. Long days. He is a grinder and so smart.

Thunder has stopped to fish with me last two summers on his way to Jackson, Wyoming. He has developments there, too.

Hanging out with Thunder and Fulmer is great fun. There are stories we tell that all three enjoy.

I know Coach Fulmer is considered the enemy by some, but he has great respect for all things Arkansas, as does Thunder and Dane.

Thunder treats everyone well. He enjoys life.

The week I was visiting for an entire week during open date, Thunder was having a stint put in an artery near his heart. It was to be done first day of my trip.

He instructed his wife, house keeper, Dane and daughter not to tell me. His daughter cooked me dinner while they were coming home from the clinic. Dane called to give me the run down on our next day of golf. I was not told where Thunder was only he’d meet me soon in the basement to watch the World Series in the “wine room.” It was unlocked in case he ran late. He did not.

He found me in the basement apartment, gave me a tour and we watched the Braves win. He loves the Braves.

Then we told stories until Eileen made him go to bed “after a long day” about 11 pm. He was not tired. He said he’d been on his back at the clinic most of the day.

He could not play golf the next day, per doctors orders. But he did sub in Ryan, his son, a former PGA Tour player and Vandy grad.

Thunder is a great host. I get messages about stuff I write because links are on Facebook. He encourages and praises.

Coach Fulmer keeps offering his cottage in the Smokies. Have not gone yet. Probably will do that this year. I bet it’s sweet.

I have always been disappointed the SEC dropped our every year game with Tennessee. Those are good folks, a lot like us. I can appreciate their hatred for Alabama, Georgia and Florida.


I like Dane. He frequently says things that I find myself saying “That’s right” to…

Me too.

Seems like I’ve noticed him more when we’re losing. I seldom lok3 listening to the TV guys when we’re not doing well. That might affect my perception

I’ve lived in Chattanooga for 25 years and can affirm what Clay said about folks here in Tennessee. Good folks a lot like Arkansans. I’ve been to many Hog vs Vol football, basketball and baseball games in Knoxville. Always treated with respect and kindness. I get sick of seeing all the orange but I respect them a lot. I’ve also met Thunder Thornton. What a genuine guy. He’s a legend in Tennessee.

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Tennessee didn’t have a good day (or week) yesterday either, Danny, but the Sun still came up at my place.
How bout yours?

Yep. The sun came up and the rain stopped. Me and Mr. Bojangles could not be more content. My Vol friends at church were in shell shock.

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I can’t imagine losing 2 straight games on buzzer beaters, but I feel good about our chances in Knoxville.

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My wife knew Thunder Thornton in college. Her roommate dated him some

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Dane is my favorite college analyst on ESPN/SEC network. He doesn’t lean on all the tired sports cliches.

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