Not a bad stat for a coach that some say can't coach

I know there is some luck involved here, but I thought it was still an interesting stat.

(embedded tweet–SF)

Seems like a very small sample size limiting it to just games decideded by one point.

But I do find it interesting

Would like to see the stats for games decided by one possession
Games decided by 3 or fewer points

I actually would go one further and say games with a chance to win or tie late. Ex: FL this year, under a minute, score 53-51 FL, we had the ball. Missed a shot, and got our own rebound. Ended up losing 57-51. That doesn’t fall in “one possession” game, but it really came down to one possession.

Mikes record could have very easily been 7-4 in that regard after Saturday. LSU missed on 2 good looks on that last possession.
Luck - is when opportunity meets desire and we had a little. But one thing for sure our kids had that desire and got that win.

47 and 28 in one point games over a 40 year period, pretty impressive1

I am sure can come up with that. They have the database with all our games dating back to…

I don’t think this stat proves Mike is better than Nolan and Eddie in close games, But it does prove that Mike is not a low BB IQ coach that gets outcoached in close games, as some posters seem to imply.

I get your point, but I don’t know how you determine what qualifies as a one possession game, unless it is a shot taken with less than 5 seconds to go,

My guess is you tend to win high percentage of close games at home with some experience at guard position and same on the road but with solid experience at guard position. Unless of course, you have 5 star talent or you are a certain elite school that gets calls at crunch time.

I don’t think it proves anything one way or another. There are just too many random factors in a one point game to make any valid statistical assessment.

How many of the one point games did the team blow a big lead and just hang on?
How many of them were come from behind wins where coaching clearly made a difference?
How many were nail-biters all the way and both coaches either sucked or were brilliant?
How many times did the team win by one when they weee clearly overall superior?
What was the ranking and record of each team in every one point game?

And on and on…

Just not really an accurate reflection of coaching ability.
Too many variables.

Can’t argue with anything you said. Too many variables in any basketball game that comes down to the wire.

Mike is probably stuck with the tag of a low BB IQ coach in the eyes of some. I shouldn’t try to prove otherwise.

He is also now about 1-15 in games decided by the men in stripes.

Don’t forget to include the intangibles the defeat led by an home grown Arkansas player from NLR who despised the Arkansas fan base

And Coach Wade is at least 0-1 in games where the men in stripes are on his team.

Being able to win under those conditions is more significant than merely beating LSU. It’s a good sign.

I would agree with what you said, and that’s why I used FL as an example, it wouldn’t be considered a one possession game because we lost by six, but what if Jones hit the shot, or Bailey on the putback attempt. I’m sure it changes the outcome (or should I say, how it played out)