NOT a bad I idea

Can’t do it I guess but name Jerry Jones grandson as the starting QB in the future. Now as stated on Bo’s show and the every best OL in the country will come or influenced to come to Arkansas.

Talked to a guy who played QB at the major college level and he said little Jones is the only QB on campus that has a chance to be a good QB at Arkansas.

With no disrespect intended to your source, I’m not sure how he would know . . . unless he’s seen a LOT more of both Jones and Noland that most of the rest of us have. To my eye, both of them seem to have “the right stuff” or at least the potential to, based on what I saw. Did they both throw an interception? Yep, they sure did. But did they demonstrate some moxie, some play-making ability? I thought so.

If I were head coach, I’d give both of them a half of play in each of the next few games after Alabama (there’s no need to shell-shock them against Auburn and Bama) and then see who seizes the bit first. Our other guys are just not top-tier SEC QB’s - and they’ve been on campus for 3 and 4 years respectively. I think they’re probably both good kids who try hard, but it’s time to move on and see if this current crop of pups has any teeth to bite with.