Not a bad half

Only down 2 points, and I don’t think we really played all that well. I will say that last block on Macon, was a foul we should have got 2 free throws there, but it’s on the road, I can live with that call, because it looked good in live action.

Also, Thomas seemed to settle down once CMA pulled him out for a bit, had a nice drive to the basket and a nice feed to Kingsley.

Guess that depends on how you look at things.

It’s not “bad” that we are only down two.

But we were honestly quite awful and have played down to the level of competition again.

But we are competing on the boards. Defense was much better the last 12 minutes as well.

Offense is the bigger problem tonight.

That was horrible half and they look like they can’t spell basketball let alone play. This team has not played together. They don’t value a possession and don’t know what a good shot is.
It takes horrible completion for the hogs to be down 2 at half but same old crap first 5 minutes of second half.
We foul too much and turn it over. Leave wide open shots all over the floor
Down 12 to a sorry team and this is garbage !
Put a fork in them tonight kiss the NCAA and NIT goodbye. There is always next year.

Ha ha, overreaction much?

Manny Watkins!

I’ve been very critical of him as of late, won’t say anything else negative about him the rest of the year win or lose. He’s kept us in this game offensively and defensively. Great Job Manny!

Ummmm…when did him and Moses become clutch 3pt guys?

Wow, just wow