Not a bad day..

Both Ole Miss and Texas got beat…

Heartbreaking loss for Texas. Too bad!


I had hopes of a triple play with the Gus Bus going down…

Oh well…

I feel the same way. The only thing good about Gus winning is that A&M lost. I’m no Jimbo Fisher fan, either.

Let it go. It has been over a decade since Gus was our OC. Jk. I love when he loses, too.

TAMU had it but they did TAMU November things, Mond choked hard.

The late Td throw by Grier, the WVU QB, was a thing of beauty. And, then, WVU converted TWO game-winning 2PC (one was waived off by timeout).

I always love it when TX and OM and AU lose.

I heard Jimbo walked off the field twice after the game without even meeting Gus to shake hands.

I was pulling for aTm, but my two most despised teams lost (the Rebnecks and the teasippers).


My wife laughed when I said the only game I would likely
pull for Ole Miss to win would be against Texas, but I might
add the Golden Domers to that. 0-12 for Texas and ND would be a great year.
I loved to see the way they lost that game today against
WV. Gutsy 2pt. call. I guess some of the tea sippers will
have a difficult sleep night.

When ND won the post-bowl NC in 1977 over us, their only loss was at Jackson to Ole Miss. Then Joe Montana took over. Decent QB, I’d say.

I was rooting against A&M. I don’t care for Auburn - or Gus. But this year, at this point in time, I wish more for Aggie fail than Auburn fail.

After all, Auburn is already in trouble, and will continue to be until - eventually - the majority of their fans get their way and Gus is gone. May be at the end of this year, but more probably next. So they are already in turmoil.

The Aggies, on the other hand, are “the next great thing” since joining the SEC and especially since hiring Jimbo. I’m not convinced he’s the guy that’s finally going to take the Aggies to the heights some have been predicting for them for 50 years (that I know of), but I do know that more failure he experiences with them, the better.

If we only win ONE game next year, please let it be against the Aggies.

Wouldn’t have minded if the Paperclips had lost. Could have gone to overtime if OU hadn’t intercepted a two-point pass and run it back for two points of their own. That four-point swing would have allowed TT to kick for the tie on their last touchdown.
Of course TT’s major problem was that they couldn’t stop the Clips. At all; 683 total yards.

I wonder why.

Hmmm…4th quarter meltdown, lost big 4th quarter lead. Where have we seen that before?

I am THRILLED that the teasippers lost the way they did at home. When you throw in that the Aggies blew it as well and add that Ole $iss lost too then it was a SOLID weeekend for me!!! I would much rather see Auburn beat the Aggies all day and every day. They are becoming a lot like Texass in how they run their mouth down here in Texas and I honestly DO NOT LIKE Jimbo Fisher. Just wish Misery would have lost and it would have been a magical weekend for me!

He was busy looking for the Auburn bagman to make an offer of employment.

ole miss and texas losing were the highlight of the day. wish notre dame and auburn had last also. but hey, we beat open date and i think we covered the spread.

now, beat texas in basketball friday night. period.

Texas losing made it a nice weekend for me. There was a new friend of mine at the house. He’s from Columbia, Mo. He does not follow college sports at all. Strictly a fly fisher and conservationist. He figured it out as closing seconds ticked off. He said, “I think you really don’t like Texas!” Boom, he got it.

Always a good day when LSU loses–even if it is to Bama.

He just became a world class fisherman with that acknowledgement!