Norwood was a player I wish we signed. Starting at safety for OK. He is from fort smith I believe

The OU people wish we would have signed him, too.

he is starting. they might not be happy with him but if he’s starting he’s the best they’ve got at that position. starting for a team in the playoff, yeah i think a 2-10 team could use anyone off that team.

i think i heard them say they moved him to one of the safety positions because of injury or need.

I don’t think we really need a 6 foot 175 pound safety in the SEC… May work in the big 12 but that also could be a reason why every team defense is so bad as well

We could probably use a lot of guys off their offense. OU’s defense was pitiful, about like the bunch Ole Miss put on the field this season. So no, I would not take most of their defense over our holdovers.

From everything I remember, it came down to Curl or Norwood. Curl jumped on first and there was no room for Norwood. And from what I’ve seen of games, I’ll take Curl over Norwood.

I like Tre, loved his intensity on both the football field and basketball court and was happy for him when Notre Dame and Oklahoma came in late on him.

But I never saw him as a must-take guy.

He’s starting and getting abused and the OU people are all over him. I didn’t say our 2-10 team couldn’t use him. I didn’t say we shouldn’t have taken him (although Calloway was the much bigger recruit).

I said the OU people wish we had him. And, that’s the truth. All they talk about is how awful their secondary is and they’re right.


Have to agree, when those big Bama backs got in the secondary he steps to the side and tries to “finger tackle”.

Yes. Their entire secondary is weak. You are right.

Well we did sign another CB from Oklahoma in that same class and he’s never played a lick even though we are very thin at CB and not overly talented.

Have to think Norwood is better than him.

Did you think Jordan Curtis was a must take guy? All things being close to equal take the instate kid IMO.

Kiondre Thomas from Fort Smith was another poor DB evaluation from the last staff. Playing a lot for Minnesota.


Did you think Jordan Curtis was a must take guy? All things being close to equal take the instate kid IMO.

[/quote]I agree with that thinking. Jenks football usually produces good players, but Northside does, too. I think they took Curtis because he had committed in June of 2016, while Norwood did not commit until after Curl committed in January. It was a case of a bird in the hand, but that bird hasn’t done much deficate on said hand.

Norwood has speed. He lacks size. He’s 175 now. He was about 160 when he came out of high school. That was the knock. Oklahoma’s secondary did not make many plays in the games I saw. They didn’t tackle well and they didn’t cover well. They fired their DC in the middle of the year because of that.

Norwood started at corner as a true freshman because of injuries. He moved to safety this year because of injuries.

I tend to think taking Arkansas kids is the right approach. They tend to develop more later. I think the thought on Texas kids is that they may have been developed better in junior high and early in their high school careers and play against better competition at a younger age. But they may not develop as much as college players.

You have to weigh that in recruiting. You probably need to look at those Arkansas kids a second time and be really careful not to pass on one that can develop, especially one that has played two or three sports growing up and maybe not as much football as the Texas kids who specialize in football at a young age.

I’ve heard others who know a lot more about it than me speak on that subject. I tend to agree.

You need to recruit the four and five stars from everywhere, but make sure that you don’t pass on an Arkansas kid who is not rated highly, but could develop into a special player down the road. How many do you take like that? I don’t know.

Examples of what Clay is talking about (Arkansas kids who weren’t highly recruited but developed into fine college football players):
Jamaal Anderson
Marcus Monk (was known for hoops)
Antwain Robinson
Freddie Fairchild
Bo Mosley
Jamar Love
Nathan Ball

I might be wrong on some of these. However, I don’t think we had to hold off any OU’s or ND’s to get these signatures.

There are others. These are some that came to my mind.

Jordan Curtis did more for me at the time than Tre did.

I’m sure there are some posts back when that happen that can be uncovered.

I - all 5-9 of me - could see Tre in the eye when I interviewed him. I had to look up to Jordan.

Both were good to great athletes

Then it would be another bad evaluation from me as well.

I remembered when he was committed to Louisiana Tech and then Minnesota offered.

Were you clamoring for him back then? I don’t remember him being one of the guys that were longed after.

At that time, thought the staff knew what they were doing. They were bringing in slow, small and weak players. Had a friend bring a prospect up for a game that told me he couldnt believe what he was seeing. Very surprised by the physical stature of or players. Laughed, in a sad way especially talking about some of our LBs and LM. He turned out to be spot on with his evaluations. One thing I will say is if you are going to take chances in recruiting At least take your gambles on speed.

Thomas was one of the fastest kids in the state, there is that.

I did want them to sign Thomas because we were woefully short on DBs after a couple of years of largely whiffing in DB recruiting. The year they missed on every CB they recruited created a 5 alarm fire for DB recruiting.