Norvells stock going up tonite

Memphis would anialate the Hogs. Don’t care about his personal life. Probably BS anyway. The guy is a winner.

Up 33-24 and has a 4th and 3 at midfield


No sir… goes for it and gets it throwing down the field and then goes for the jugular on the next play and it’s a TD.

Reminded me of Petrino against LSU in 2010.

Norvell did not come to paint tonight.

There is definitely a line you have to draw on the personal stuff. But until we know it crosses that line, he’s the clear #1.

My goodness, who cares?!

A lot more interesting than watching g MSU set an SEC rushing record.

Norvell will likely eventually wait and pick a better HC job in a power 5 conference than what he would have to undertake at Arkansas.
It has been stated and danced around on this site that he wasn’t offered our HC job a couple of years ago because of personal issues. If he continues to win he will get an opportunity at a Power 5 program.

Go Hogs!

I know what you’re saying, but if they look, I would think KJ, Burks, Knox, and Henry would excite a lot of offensive coaches.

I don’t believe our next coach will be starting with nothing.

The guy is coaching the same conference as the coach we have. He will fail as well The AAC ain’t the SEC. Morris and his crew finding that out the hard way. You want to be the man you gotta beat the man!! Whooo!!! Norvell will need to prove his team can play defense and not let inferior teams constantly score 20 plus per game. Morris is not the answer nor is Norvell. Shut down the program or move to another conference. It’s embarrassing to say ur a hog fan

What conference did Petrino come from ( not counting his half season at Falcons)?

What conference did Petrino build his HC reputation in ?

I’ll hang up and listen.

Big East, which at the time was a BCS conference (meaning Power 6).

Who is the answer then?

Go check again - first two years were in CUSA.

He coached two years in CUSA and two years in the Big East, both at UL. Had one okay year and one great year in each. But don’t let facts get in the way of your agenda.

Look, I’ve never been the self-righteous type, nor do I ever expect someone to be saintly or damn near holy. I do not care if you sleep outside the bounds of marriage or spend all your money on strippers. I personally don’t or wouldn’t do that, but as far as I’m concerned those are issues that only concern that person and his wife. So unless its some sort of legal issue like hiring your mistress (bad move), or lying to your boss (another bad move) I really don’t care. All I know is if you want to win in say a bar fight you don’t want Mr. Rogers as your wing-man. You want someone not afraid to break a bottle over somebodies head or kick em in the family jewels. You want a dirty fighter, not a choir boy. Just the fact that last time Norvell was interested but he got poo-poo’d because of baggage or he wasn’t “clean” enough, and we get Chad Morris, tells me we got the wrong people making decisions. Until that changes… nothing will.

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Point is the poster I was responding to said Norvell can’t be successful because of the conference he’s in.

The last coach that put us in the Top 5 coached in the same league Memphis is in now.

You can’t even get that right. AAC did not exist then, so Petrino could not have coached there. He coached in CUSA and the Big East, which was a Power 6 league at the time. It is no longer. Only two of the current AAC schools were in the Big East. Six of the 12 current AAC members were in CUSA when Petrino was there.

The Big East

Good God brain surgeon - the CUSA of yester year is largely the AAC of today.

As for not getting things right nobody has been more wrong more often about Razorback football than Swine Fusion.

If 8 of the 12 current AAC schools were in either the Big East or C-USA why is this a big deal? Why are we arguing?

Swine - you don’t like Norvell, so who you want? I’m curious.

If the thesis here is - Morris came from the AAC, therefore no AAC coach is good, then I think I disagree.

Jackson is inventing “facts” to support his argument. Again. BP could not have coached in a league that didn’t exist then.

Seems like you’re assuming a lot of things. I don’t have a preference. I don’t like or dislike Norvell, because I don’t know enough about him. I have no idea what the so-called character issue is that seems to be following him around, for one thing. I don’t care if Morris stays or goes, frankly, but after today that ship has probably sprung too many leaks to be fixable. I figure we have a head coach, and the athletic director gets paid a lot of money to find the right one, and if he doesn’t we probably get a new person in both jobs.

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