About 2 years ago, when it looked like the final two were Morris and Norvell, nasty rumors about Norvell having a gambling problem was aired down on the sports show down in Little Rock. Heard about this on local sports show. I believe that it was Zach who claimed these rumors came from the Board and was completely bogus. Which is why Norvell will never consider the job at the University. Anybody out there. Is this true? If it is, those Board members should be held responsible and removed. The University needs to apologize. Norvell should consider using those Board members for slander. Not rooting for Norvell to be the next Coach. But this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

If this is true it’s complete and utter BS and whoever was responsible should be called out.

Norvell has proven to be a much better coach than Morris and beat him like a rented mule ( 51-7 and scored sixty something the second time they faced each other.

Has more SEC and P5 wins as well👀

DD has a story on Norvell…the problem wasn’t gambling. Yeah, what if?

Not DUDS but I think it was about cheerleaders.

There is a reason he has been linked to several openings the last 4 years, but never gets the job.

i thought it was rumored he had petrinoitis!!!

While I do not know where this info or rumor originated, I have seen concerns and rumors on other boards than Arkansas boards. This does not mean any are accurate, just to state that others, besides Arkansas faithful have espoused issues as well.

Norvell wins to much, we don’t want that it seems.

What does he win exactly? 8-6 in the old C-USA is not much to write home about.

Well, he’s beaten 3 P5 teams while at Memphis. One of which was an SEC team that slapped us around the very next week. He’s won 8, 8, and 10 in “ the old CUSA” and is 5-1 this year.

I’d take a few P5 wins… He’ll, one would be nice!

PS Do we really want to disparage a winning coach from that league when our coach was one of his old punching bags?

Do UCLA, Kansas, and Ole Miss really count as P5 teams? I mean I know they play in P5 conferences, but let’s be honest these programs are not good.

Unfortunately neither is Arkansas at this point.

When you are a G5 I think every P5 win counts. They killed Kansas as you would expect, when they beat UCLA the Bruins were ranked, and again the Ole Miss team they beat handled Arkansas with relative ease the following week. After the game, I perused the Ole Miss boards and they were grousing because Memphis had beaten them with lesser talent - recruiting rankings in the 60s. That’s why it’s significant - it’s not like a G5 school is beating UCLA and Ole Miss with better talent on paper - they are punching above their weight class. We on the other hand are the heavyweight on paper routinely being whipped by Mountain West and CUSA flyweights.

Norvell punches up and we’re underachievers under Morris.

Given that Morris has never beaten a P5 team my guess is he’d say any of those would be good wins - black tie night at Club Dub!

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I live in the metro Memphis area and Norvell gets alot of local coverage. I know there are rumors about his personal choices(only have read them on message boards), but on camera and in the press, he is all business. Excels in coach speak and staying focused on the task at hand. His team lost last week on a controversial call that the media and fans over here wont let go of, he has moved on, talking about how looking back wont get them ready for whats in front of them. Interestingly, it is Tulane, should be a good game. The local media love the guy, says he is super prepared and wins every appearance he makes.

It seems to me he is a guy who can get good athletes. He did just put two running backs in the league.

that being said, if he continues on and has a good year, only loses 1 or 2 games, easy to think we would not be at the top of his list when it comes to prospective employers given we passed him over. Plus I am holding out hope that Morris finds the magic potion and or player to give the hogs the spark they need. that player is going to have to be a QB, that is whats costing him his job right now.

those came with Fuentes, he put them in spots that showcased them though.

To my knowledge, there were no gambling issues.

He frequents Tunica, fwiw.

He can go to Tunica seven days a week as long as he’s winning football games, if he ever gets the Arkansas job he can go to Cherokee Casino west of Siloam Springs its a lot closer than Dallas.