Norvell or Morris

Am I correct insiders that this is the choice?

Wish they would consider Kiffin.

Norvell is an exciting option though.

Morris everyday and twice on Sunday!


Could be the SMU COMBO:

Rick Hart AD Chad Morris HC

Norvell … Morris is a 14-22 coach and Norvell has kicked his rear two years in a row.

I would be good with either

I just want a winner and only time will show if they can win at Arkansas

Norvell easily

Preferably, neither.

Surely there are some proven guys we can try and buyout from a school, we were about to drop 50 M on Gus, no time to take a discount after that.

Find a proven coach who knows what it takes, doesn’t have to learn the hard way


Morris could simplify recruiting…lock up the 6-8 we get from home every year, get the rest from Texas.
But it sure was fun watching Norvell’s offense yesterday.

Go get Norvell, give him leeway to hire a million dollar DC, and start having an up tempo offense again.

We need a coach that demands good defense. I’d hate 48-52 games. Ugggh. Top teams in the SEC year in and year out have great defenses.

I like them both.

I love Norvel’s passion.

Love that Morris has seen big time as OC at Clemson.

If a push between them I come back to fact Morris is sitting on top of influential DFW media market and recruiting.

Short of our internal AR media markets, and perhaps regardless, the DFW market is most influential and coveted by Arkansas, and those ties and prestige could be huge for state and national perception.

Norvell. Hopefully, we will open up the checkbook to hire a big time staff, especially a big time DC.

What good D.C. Is going to want to come coach for a 36 year old with less experience than him?

That’s the problem I bet he has.

Curious, why do you say Morris is not proven? He’s proven to me. Kickstarted DeShaun Watson’s career at Clemson. Has SMU in a bowl after spending last two years pulling it out of a ditch left by June Jones, with uber restrictive admission standards. And many say Dabo would have been fired had Morris not gone to Clemson and coordinated the offense there. Arkansas ain’t that great, friend. Urban Meyer is not parachuting into Fayetteville. Chad Morris is a bad ass and will win at Arkansas. So will Norvell but I want Chad. He’s a recruiter first and foremost.

I would go with Morris. Norvell’s personality reminds me too much of Kiffin. All else being equal let’s go with the coach who acts like an adult.

I like Morris. He has Texas recruiting connections, recruited D. Watson at Clemson and was offensive coordinator when Clemson beat Alabama for national title.

Actually Brohm is my favorite but I have no say in this and I am simply possibly watching the last death throws of a once proud Football program.

Watch us hire Charlie Strong just to male the death more problematic and painful the search firm gets a good paycheck and Arkansas gets screwed! Perfect! Arkansas stays in its place as a sub par program and the SEC is happy - the center of the universe stays in Bama area

If we avoid a strong disaster I’m leaning Morris - jerry Jones wants him and we know how well he has done with the Boys :slight_smile:

He was not on the Clemson staff last year, the year they beat Bama. This is his third season at SMU.