Norvell (Memphis) better fit for Arkansas than Florida?

This guy - from the Florida media - thinks so. … etter-fit/

Without offering an opinion one way or the other on us having a job opening, I like what the guy said about Ark. I was unaware of the connections Norvell has to this state. He’d be someone who’d fit in here.

He’d be a fantastic fit.

The only thing that worries me about Norvell, is that is he winning with a team that is truly his, or the previous coach?

I don’t want to make the same mistake twice, we need to make sure he knows how to build a program. Bret if fired, won’t leave a huge mess, but he also won’t leave a well organized team. Bret inherited a wel organized team at Wiscy and kept it rolling, it looks that so did Norvell.

I don’t know much about Norvell. I did get to watch his team play against Houston in a nice showing.

Your concerns have crossed my mind as well, but his recruiting classes have been better than Fuente’s classes and the stud QB over there is his.

Heck he bought property on Beaver Lake last year …lots of ties to AR!

Good point. One of the issues I’m having with the “new coach” threads, is I’m seeing people recommend coaches who “rebuilt” programs. The rebuild took them from 6 1/2 wins a season to 7.5 wins a season, with one exceptional season mixed in. The rest seem to have inherited decent programs and are continuing the trend. Now, Campbell (Iowa St) seems to be a good up and comer that’s rebuilding a program, but his buyout is too high. We will see how this works out, I’m still not sure Bret doesn’t get another year.

I predict BB be here next year.

I predict BB be here next year.
[/quote]I’m kinda feeling the same thing - unless we lose out, or get blown away in the remaining losses, etc. Just bringing info (OP) on what is being said about us by others.

Now, that’s today (how I feel). Ask again tomorrow/next week, I might have a different answer.

I agree.

I’m not sure the right answer.

But I’m not convinced that the AD wants to make a change in HC.

If our win total for this season is “4” then I feel Jeff Long will be in a pressure situation. We are not going to
beat Mississippi State, LSU and Mo. Just won’t happen.

There are many good young coaches out there. Go get one Jeff!

We might win all three. We might win two. We might win
only one. I think it is more likely we win one than none. :slight_smile:

I doubt Long will make any decision based on the opinions of message board warriors. And, it is not just Long’s decision. The message boards have turned into a cesspool, along with pretty much all of social media. I don’t think people realize how much they are owned by the media. They are being instructed on what to think and buy at a pace that has never happened before. And sadly, they do it.

I’m glad I’m old and don’t really give a rip about what happens on the coaching situation. The chances of the Hogs, or any team making a magical hire that suddenly turns them into a national contender is a fairy tale. Folks get all excited about some coach that has a surprisingly good season at a school and immediately think the same thing will happen at their school if they could only have that guy as the HC.

It simply ain’t gonna happen, here, or anywhere else. IMO

I asked a question on another thread about coaches:

Coach A 5 year Record:

Year 1: 2-9
Year 2: 3-8
Year 3: 6-4-1
Year 4: 6-5
Year 5: 5-6

0 bowl games. Would any of you have given him another year?

His 6th year: 2-8-1. Would any of you have given him a 7th year with that record?

Edit: The five years prior to Coach A was: 7-4, 9-2, 8-4, 6-5, 10-2-1

He seems to be doing well. I wonder if he can do the same with all players he recruited? I’d certainly be open to him getting a shot. He is still somewhat of a unknown and there are certainly legitimate questions that have yet to be answered, but all new hires are somewhat of a gamble. We know what we have with Bielema and it isn’t working or going to work.

OK, bakedhog19741, I’ll bite since nobody on either thread apparently did. Using the logic found on this board, I’d say “you’re fired.” (Of course, I’d like to know more about the situation before I’d truly answer. But based on record alone, which is what is being used on this board, I’d say he wouldn’t get the second chance.) And the answer is …

He was givin a 7th year. He went 9-3 and made a bowl. Then went on to coach at that school for another 22 years, making a bowl game every year. His name was Frank Beamer. The school was Va Tech. Sometimes, what we think is the best thing might not be. Again, give Bret next year.

I know everyone is disappointed, but again look at TCU and AUB. Watch our receivers and backs. They improved between those games. Cole is getting unexpected experience. We have some solid players returning from injury. Our OL seemed to play a little better in the 2nd half against Ole Miss. Maybe it’s a start point (yes a little late), we have young guys on the defense getting experience. Many have said this, next year is one of our weakest schedules (on paper) in a decade. Why not give him a chance? Look at his record, seriously: 3-9, 7-6, 8-5, 7-4 and a 24-7 HT lead against what many on the board thought was a cupcake game. No one expected what occurred after that, but I’m sure Va Tech didn’t think Beamer deserved to return for the 7th season either.

I know I’m not going to convince all of the “Bret should be fired crowd,” but maybe just maybe we give him the chance at the weak schedule. Now, if some of you are right and he loses next year, he needs to leave, no more chances, but what if I’m right and he goes 9-3. Won’t yall be glad he stayed for one more year?

Who would’ve ever guessed.

This was also a long time ago, in a much different landscape.

Not apples to apples.

Let’s compare all of the times it didn’t work out, I bet there’s more supporting evidence.

The people throwing out the Frank “Exception to the Rule” Beamer logic are likely some of the same folks that advocated keeping Failphrey one more year by saying it took Coach K a few years to get it going at Duke…that was comical! Coach K had more basketball knowledge in his little finger than ole Fail had in his whole body!

Maybe, just maybe I’m right.

With the landscape of the SEC West there nothing to loose giving Coach B another year or two!
The Kids and parents like him! That’s key in recruiting and he has speed in the skill positions this year. They are also young freshmen.
There no comparison of the small conferences to the SEC period.
CBB if he could get out of his own way and be aggressive he may win!
Winning is what gets u the big recruits!

He’s playing with a lot of players he recruited & signed. Watching Memphis play the last 2 years, I’m confident he could win with our players