Norvell is our man!! NEWS FLASH

Here he comes!

I like it!!!

Hmmmmm…wait didn’t you say … Nevermind

And it’s Norvell


I bet there is a press conference on Wednesday too.

NEVERMIND that Baked I worked hard on this and lets team together, WE"RE hog fans right??

What does that mean???

IF ANYBODY would have read my posts I said

BTW there is a place to stop from the planes.

SO, WHAT’s your point.

Maybe to get Elvis Presley…LOL The King’s not dead.

LOOK guys I’ve been working 2 phones, Posting and watching games…

I did the best I could!!

Sent you a pm

If you are speaking of the Memphis coach, his name is Norvell. :sunglasses:

Baked in another post you said there’s a new rumor that we’d all like/be surprised who is that?

Matt said the first part of it wasn’t true, plus I’ve heard Norvell was the coach for a few days, so it’s not happening. Having said that, this was the rumor:

An announcement for both AD and HC will be made on Tuesday. The AD will be Gragg, the HC will be Gus. Gus will make a HUGE SURPRISE hire. That hire is supposed to be in Fayetteville on Wednesday. He will be Gus’ DC, his name is Brent Venables.

Again, however, it’s obviously not true.

Norvell would be an underwhelming hire.

He’s a good young coach, but there’s really no indication he is ready for the SEC.

I think he’s a gamble, there’s so many unknowns and the staff he would assemble would likely be underwhelming as well, he just simply hasn’t had enough time in the oven yet.

Thanks Baked. I’m almost 64 and in 98 I fell off a roof 25’ and snapped my neck. With tremors so I’m stressed!!

Itman123 whos your guy?

I feel your pain, literally, was blown off a roof in Iraq.

SORRY, I’ve been working 2 phones, posting, watching FB and my tremors are really kicking in Marty…

Another excuse is I left the right glasses in the other room.

Latest news.

Gus - coach
Norvell - OC
Venables - DC
Kiffin - recruiting coordinator
Gruden - joining Chuck for play by play

Now that might work! :lol: