Norvell Drinkwitz Comparison

I wanted us to hire Mike Norvell in 2017 and we failed to do so and now he is the Florida State coach.

Looking back Norvell only had one more year of HC experience than Drink does now. He was a stud coach in 2017 just as he is now, but just unproven. Both inherited really good programs and took them to new heights.

I think Drink could be similar - we passed on a very bright offensive mind with Arkansas ties in 2017 because he was “ unproven” and now he’s the head coach of a much better program than Arkansas.

Have some vision Hunter - let’s not pass on another talented, young Arkansas coach and look up to see him at another P5 job in a couple of years ( or even worse at Missouri tomorrow).

For once, let’s show some vision and forward thinking and identify the next great coach. Baylor, Iowa State, etc. have had that vision in identifying talented G5 coaches ready for that next step.

Can we do the same?


I agree Jackson. At this point, we have to roll the dice.

Good points and you never can rule out the unknown hitting it big.

That may be where we are now. Maybe he could rise to the level and be great. We all of course hope he would.

I was hoping at this historically low state of program we would have someone with more experience rebuilding or at high D1 level with more track record.

Harsin would be someone who could help save face nationally and I still hold out hope.

I have to assume Barry and others call for Leach fell on deaf ears.

Hopeful for the best as this program needs a miracle.

Absent Harsin or Leach Drink appears to clearly be the best available hire.

Missouri may well hire him if we don’t make a move quickly.

If it is Harsin or Leach get it done now - clock is ticking.

They should have hired Norvell and look like idiots now

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Drink has a bright future.

He’s good, just has so many things that concern me, but he may be our only option.

Hate the fact that he didn’t play college football.

Norvell was clearly a better coach than Morris - beat him like a yard dog head to head, better records, etc.

A colossal screw up that set us back even further.

I’m sure he will ask if he can.

Lou Holtz weighed 150 pounds. You really think he got on the field at Kent State?

What exactly has Drinkwitz done at App State that has never been done? They won the conference championship the 3 years in a row pre-Drinkwitz. the depth chart on both sides of the ball is majority upperclassmen. Yea, they beat 2 power 5 teams, but just like Norvell they were two terrible P5 teams.

I don’t think Saban did either.

Also different times

It’s just the fact atleast they were a part of the team. I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but it plays a factor for sure. You respect people who’ve atleast somewhat gone through what they are asking you to go through.

He beat 2 P5 teams

Well it was the 50’s so probabaly. Players were a lot smaller then.

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Two terrible P5 teams. UNC going into this season has won 9 games in 3 years, and South Carolina is 4-8. There is not much difference between a weak P5 team and a G5 team.

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Don’t disagree dog

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I would take him in a heartbeat

So do you think Arkansas is too good for Norvell?

There is something to be said for having been in a program with a culture of winning, even if that culture existed before you were there. Yes, App State had been winning. But Drinkwitz didn’t screw it up, and he will benefit from being around winners.

Are we really to the point where people will complain because the coach hadn’t started out losing?

I understand about needing someone who can build, but my goodness, we keep putting so many qualifications on what the guy “has to be” that we are looking for Unicorns.

The thing is about these coaching hires: Florida St. fans are disappointed they didn’t get a bigger name, wanted Franklin or Stoops. Ole Miss has lot of fans somewhat apprehensive about Kiffin, they really wanted Norvell.

We will let him go to Mizzou. We hire BLJ and in two year everyone will be clamoring to hire him. Only he will have a 5 million dollar buyout and want 5 million a year. Our only hope is to find someone before they make it big time.