Northwestern State at Arkansas, game 2

So much for that three-run lead. We’ll see if Trest can shut them down.

this guy is making us look foolish with one offspeeed pitch after another,you would think we would realize that so far we don’t have a clue

yep team got the 4-1 lead and lost focus and about to get their butt beat if not real careful,glad these midweek games are about over,nothing to gain from them.

now that’s more like it I mean the guy throws 90% offspeed

I hope some of these freshman pitchers develop over the off season, right now I’m not too impressed with their lack of control. JMHO!

What a way for you to give up a run walk, wild pitch and double. This group of pitchers today need to go play summer ball and get some stuff figured out.

I agree.
For the life of me I don’t understand the trouble with our offense not adjusting to these pitchers. Are we trying too hard? Is it mental?
I’m probably over simplifying the hitters but we shouldn’t be losing to this team.
I hate losing to inferior teams.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Nuf said.
Three HR’s by. 237 ba hitter.
Can we score 4 more runs ?

Unbelievable! Last two batters watching strike three!
Pardon my frustration, but I hate losing!
Maybe this loss doesn’t mean much in the scheme of things, but it’s still a loss to a team we hammered yesterday. I guess that’s baseball.

There have been several balls hit hard into the outfield that should have been hits. The 2 k’s with a runner at 3 base and 1 out kills your offense. You have to put the bat on the ball.
Of course 1 player for our opponent has 3 2 run homers! Don’t you think it would be a good idea to just put him on?
Then we have our hogs looking at strike 3 in the 9th inning for our 2 and 3.
Poor with running in scoring position and poor at the plate!
Terrible freshmen pitching send them all out to summer ball and in the fall if they haven’t improved then they won’t help the hogs wins.

I was critical of pitching. 7 pitchers used today. Another loss to a team, at home, that we should have beat.
I don’t want to take ANYTHING away from Fletcher’s grand slam, but they walked the first three batters setting up the grand slam for Fletch. After that we only score three more runs.
Baseball is a funny and sometimes frustrating game. We sweep the #2 team in the country and then lose one of two to Northwestern State. Go figure.

Well that was a pathetic game. We let a pitcher throwing 80 miles an hour shut us down for almost four innings. Then we let a guy with five home runs on the year hit 3 today not exactly the momentum I wanted to carry into a big weekend wirh Tennessee. I didn’t see the last inning or two did Cronin give up another home run???

Yes, he did!!!
The third HR to a 237 BA hitter! If I heard it right, he had only hit 5 HR’s all year. Off a Cronin fastball!

well I’m not shocked everybody knows his 1st pitch is going to be a FB and you throw the ball down the middle these guys can hit it.the thing that upsets me the most is we scored 3 runs the last 8 innings against pitchers that are nowhere near the caliber we are going to see this weekend…unacceptable approach at the plate.taking way to many pitches once again its almost like we are wanting walks .its just bad energy going into a very important series… you would think we would have learned our lesson about midweek games but guess not,hopefully it will tick them off and we will come out friday wanting to HIT the ball,these guys aren’t going to walk 16 guys like MSU did.


I’m not surprised at all by the loss today. I thought it might happen given who was going to be pitching for Arkansas. The Razorbacks have been really fortunate that they haven’t had to play a lot of weeks with five games, and won’t have to anymore this year. This isn’t a staff deep enough for that.

It’s not like anyone expected Mississippi State to do that. MSU came into the series with the ninth-lowest walk total in college baseball. Strong staffs have bad games.

Good point, Matt.
One game doesn’t ape another. Hoe else do you explain the sweep of MISS St and split of NWU.
Friday is a new day and s new game with starting pitching.
It’s just frustrating to lose.

Matt I’m not really that upset with the pitching because I knew who we were throwing other than cronin giving up another home run…
I’m upset that we only scored three runs after the first inning against there 2nd line pitchers we let that second guy hold us down for almost four innings and all he was doing was throwing off-speed pitches we never adjusted to that which is unacceptable. We can get very very passive at the plate sometimes and take too many pitches, no way those pitchers that threw for them today should have held us under 10 runs in my opinion is what I was upset about.