Northwestern State at Arkansas, game 1

Way to go McFarland!!

What the heck was the call on the dropped ball???

I know they said he dropped it on the transfer, which I agree with, but why did they send HK back to second? He tagged and advanced legally on a fly out…

That was idiotic

Double Book Boom kjerstad and Kenley!!

I just got in so I didn’t see the drop ball.

Love the way Martin is going the other way makes him really hard to get out because they are not going to pitch him inside.

Heston had a total brain freeze on that trot into home plate. Cost us two runs. It won’t make a difference in this game, but that’s the kind of thing that will get you beat in close games.

That was pretty bad. You should always run through the plate.

This is not Kjerstad’s first brain fart. Sometimes his head is just not in the game.