North TX and Conference USA schedule

Conference USA has come up with the most unique (due to Covid) schedule I’ve ever seen. North TX has 18 conference games, all against the same 9 teams. They are all scheduled back to back on Fri and Sat. They play one team on Fri & Sat at home followed by a Fri & Sat on the road with another team.

I guess that would be a pretty effective set-up for Covid 19. Nine weekend bubbles. The drawback is that no team will play all Conference USA opponents.

Sort of like baseball

I see North Texas beat Miss Valley tonight 116-62, Hogs better not over look them Sat night.

Mean Green shot 64% from 3-pt line against MVSU. Can’t take this UNT team lightly. McFarland is a good, young coach.

Yeah definitely a concern considering how poorly we guarded the 3,i expect we see a much better effort though,we know what their strength is.

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