North Texas up 8 on Purdue with 6:00 left

Another Big Dance win for our horrible noncon schedule?

Another Big 10 school showing their rear ends in the tourney. Michigan might be legit, but everyone else is getting it handed to them.

UNT up by 2, 36 seconds left, Purdue just called timeout.

Tied with 17 seconds left. NTU ball…

1.6 left, UNT ball out of bounds.

Overtime…Texas guy had a shot and passed the ball that was deflected. North Texas ball with less than 2 seconds left.

Missed at the buzzer, a little more bonus basketball.

I think Purdue takes it…sigh…

I thought the same thing when Tattoo U got it to OT…

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We held UNT to two treys. They have 9 on Purdue.

And the Mean Green is now up 7 halfway through OT. Cornfield Sailors are 0-for-OT so far.

North Texas is rolling!

Jeff…you should have been a writer…

Laughing emoji here…

In the early days some people who didn’t like Purdue referred to their players as Cornfield Sailors. The same people also applied Boilermakers, which of course became their official mascot.

I think UNT is going to pitch a shutout in OT.

This is the fourth OT game of the tournament already. The record is 7, which happened three times.

Buh Bye Boilers!

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Big 10 is overrated


I tell you what else is overrated. Video review! My goodness, it took them 10 minutes to make that call in the second OT. This has got to be changed. Give one person authority to make these calls and put a 90 second time limit on it.

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