North Texas takes #25 VCU down to the wire in 3 point loss

Looks like North TX is going to be a MUCH tougher team than Rice. VCU, at home, just squeaked out a 59-56 win. I hope Chaney has done enough to play Tuesday night.

I also hope Chaney will be suited up and plays. N Texas won’t just show up they will play to win. Maybe the hogs can jump on them early and build a good lead and keep them down.

Their football team was quite mean to us when they visited Fayetteville last year. They also ignored the rules of Queensbury by exploiting our punt coverage team naivete, then celebrated their chicanery in a most brazen and unseemly way. I hope Coach Musselman is well prepared for the shannanigans these gaudily dressed visitors will be bringing with them to our home venue. I also hope he unleashes the fury of our only muscle man and paint protector. That being the aforementioned Reginald Chaney.

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I am worried about fake tip-off, fake inbounds plays, fake free throws and more.

Me too PJ. Not to mention the fake charges they will pretend to take. LOL!