North Texas and the hype??

This Arkansas team has the talent to win by 25, has the quarterbacks and fragile mentality to lose by 25 or do anything in between. I’d pick Arkansas by 7, but would take Arkansas by one.

Turnovers!! what’s that quote, when you pass, 3 things can happen and 2 of them are bad. let’s hope we get a lot of those 2 things and keep them off the field. Based on our previous offensive performance, we do not want to challenge them to a passing contest.

I hope they beat them senseless. But, I will just take a win. For the teams’ sake, just win. If they lose, I can see this whole season really getting ugly.

NTS is rolling high due to weaker opponents. The Hogs are Rollin downward again due to weaker opponents.
This game will see if this team has any heart & desire left in them. They should be pissed off & hungry after last week. That’s what I want to see & mad & hungry Hog Team this week.
Fingers crossed.


I don’t know if it will show whether they have any heart and desire left in them. It was, after all, only one loss in the second game of the season. As fans, we may find out how much heart is left on us, but the players I would think would have more heart than that. I think the fans carry over the losses from previous years more than the players do. So I expect to see a hungry team Saturday and a better team Saturday than we saw in Colorado last week.

I WILL BE PATIENT… my doctor suggested that.

This game is all about Arkansas and it’s ability to bounce back from a disappointing loss to Colorado State last week.
With the exception of the QB, the Razorbacks should have an advantage in talent level and depth at most positions on both sides of the ball.
The one obvious advantage in North Texas favor is at QB and the fact that they have been in the same system under Coach Seth Littrell now for several years and know offensively what they are doing and have confidence and expect to move the ball through the air and score.
For Arkansas, someone has to step up at QB and take control of our new offense consistently in order to have success.
Honestly, I have no idea what we will ultimately see today, I’m hoping we win and look dominate over an opponent perceived to be inferior, but if we don’t I won’t be surprised because we have a long way to go in turning our program around and it’s not going to happen this season.

Go Hogs!

Same with running, positive yardage, negative yardage, or a fumble.

General, how do you account for what you stated were ”super inflated stats” for North Texas through its first 2 games. I think many on this forum would like your in-depth post game analysis. Did the Mean Green really just hang 44 points at Donald Reynolds Razorback Stadium?
You need to face the fact that your opinions are just opinions like everyone else’s and not react to other posters as if you are a sports guru that has all of the answers, you don’t. Please take off the rose colored glasses and see the game as it is for the good and the bad.

Go Hogs!

Actually, if you read my comments in its entirety, I said North Texas was a good team but that the stats could be inflated based on the teams they played. 21 of those 44 came either on special teams or on our 30 or closer. But you’re right, it was my opinion and I never stated it as anything other than my opinion, that it COULD be. But again, I did address not to underestimate North Texas and that they are a good team. I don’t get where you can make this response to me in light of what I said.

General, last I checked special teams are 1 of 3 phases in a football game!
Touchdowns count the same if made by special teams, offense or defense.
Field position during a game is a direct result of how well or poor a team is performing while they are trying to sustain an offensive drive or a defense preventing the opposition to have success sustaining a drive.
Punting averages in the mid-thirties don’t help with trying to flip field position.
This game wasn’t close, we were not able to play to the level of North Texas and they hung 44 on us at our house, not against SMU or Incarnate Word!
You need to stop calling frustrated Hog fans “Punks”
Keep it classy!

Go Hogs!

You said N Texas stats were inflated yet totally discounted Arkansas’s stats might have been inflated by beating a bad 1-AA team.

Lose the rose colored glasses!

Again, I’m not getting your point. I’m not discounting special teams or anything else and I never suggested otherwise. I was just giving context to the stats.