North Texas and the hype??

Okay… I’m reading a lot of hype about how UNT is off to a great start and have some very good playmakers and yes I do agree they are alot better than usual and moving up the ranks… But OMG they have not played anyone yet either and truth be told the hogs should win this game at least by 21 and the better recruited players should show up on saturday evening. I even heard on a radio show this morning in DFW how its UNT plus 7 on the betting lines… I hope the hogs come out focus and put this team to rest early and calm down both fan bases!

While no opponent should be underestimated, I kinda agree with you. Looking at their opponents the first two games, the numbers can be very inflated. That’s not saying North Texas isn’t a good team, but Incarnate Word and a SMU team under a new coach doesn’t equate their stats are really that good.

Fellas - I’d suggest recalibrating your expectations lest you be very disappointed tomorrow.

A one point win would be FANTASTIC.

Exactly! Like I was saying they are a better team and light years better than where they were but this should not be a ballgame at all! But with the way our hogs have played these last 5 games with blowing leads it wouldn’t shock me if we jump out to a big lead and had to hold on to win…SMH

Nothing shocks me with this team# NOTHING

The hype of NTX is they throw the football. 2 of The BIGGEST scaredy-cat fears in my lifetime as a Razorback. The FEAR of the pass and the fear of passing. It’s probabably held the program back decades. Except that time we where top 5 and BCS Bowling.

A win is a win, I’m just saying the stats and hype of North Texas is super inflated.

Who has Arkansas played?

Eastern Illinois who was beat like a rented mule by Illinois State who ran for over 200 yards as compared to Arkansas’s 80 yards on the ground.

Colorado State who was down 37-7 to Hawaii and got blown out by Colorado.

Not good…

We really have some good guys on this team and we have talent but we don’t have the depth to overcome injuries and inexperience. I want so bad to see this team run rough shod over NT tomorrow, we need to prove that we are better than we have been before getting into conference play. We might not win a conference game and that’s okay for now if we can become competitive. I want see them win for themselves and get some pressure off and enjoy Saturday before things toughen up, we have guys that have stuck in out through injuries,embarrassing losses and a coaching change and I’m pround of everyone of them ! GO HOGS , WPS

Better opponents than North Texas has

will feel as we enter SEC play?

I’m definitely not saying “we’re doomed”, “certain to lose” or anything of the like. But I will say that after watching the first week’s games this season, I was more worried about N. Texas than I was CSU, and I was plenty worried about CSU (which I got roundly criticized for).

I just think N. Texas is a better team today than CSU is.

That said, I think we should have won last week. Won’t go into a laundry list of why (plenty of other threads here by others about that), but we under-achieved to lose that game. Two of the factors working against us in the CSU game were playing on the road, and playing at altitude; and neither of those are factors in the game tomorrow afternoon. Plus, if there is any spark of competitiveness in this group (and I’m confident that there is), they are probably a little bit embarrassed by losing to a team everybody thought that they should handle. The last thing they want is to lose to yet another such team, at home, this weekend. So I do believe that we’ll get good - perhaps, inspired - effort from the players Saturday.

The thing is, we (Arkansas fans) have come to understand that ANY team with ANY kind of decent passer can be lethal to the Razorbacks. And this team has an experienced, productive passer. So, there is ample reason to be concerned. We might win by 3 TD’s, and I hope we do. But anyone who doesn’t realize that the potential is there for another “upset” is just kidding themselves.

SMU would beat Eastern Illinois.

Suspect Eastern Illinois and Incarnate Word are similar

SMU and Colorado State are comparable

North Texas would be favored to beat Colorado State and would do so handily IMO given their good QB play. Arkansas QBd by Austin Allen wins going away.

I think North Texas is the better team at the moment due to our QB deficiencies.

This is my favorite post of the week. I want some hard work and determination to pay off for them. We should all want the best for those guys, Go hogs!

NTS QB is better than our QBs. There in lies the problem, just like last week.

And the next week, and the next, and the next, and the…

Mason Fine NTS QB has been playing since he was a freshman and as far as anyone can tell he hasn’t had his feelings hurt too badly.

Mason didn’t start out playing Auburn, Texas A&M or Alabama’s defense.

Apples and oranges.

I don’t see a reason to scar Noland or Jones during that stretch.

I do see a nice home stretch of Ole Miss (LR), Tulsa and Vanderbilt stretch to get them going and then make a decision on Mississippi State and Vanderbilt.

North Texas to win 38-31 in Hawgs Illustrated this week.

We have to turn that pick in on Sunday.

After watching some North Texas tape, I would change that pick if I could and take Arkansas 31-21.

But alas, the first one’s in print and that’s what it will be.

I was at the 2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl when NT played Army. I grew up in NE Oklahoma and even went to 1st and 2nd grade at Locust Grove so we were hoping to see Mason play while visiting with some friends who have a son at West Point. I can’t remember if he was hurt that game or what, but their other QB (at the time), I think named Morris, took every snap of that game. That would have been Fine’s Freshmen year.
I believe they still have the same starting LT though. That kid stood out that day as a monster for most of the first half. I remember him being gassed in the second half though and lost all of his technique. He’s about 6’9", and when he got tired he was trying to block standing straight up.