North Dallas Mean Green

Did not win their division in C-USA. They lost to Old Dominion and won three of their conference games by 3 points. This just confirms what I suspected. We would have finished in the middle to lower half of the standings in that juggernaut of a conference. Let that soak in awhile.

Their coach is likely named to be the replacement for Bill Snyder next week. A heck of a young coach.

I’m still trying to figure out all the reasons we were so bad this year. I think the foremost reason is lack of talent, but that doesn’t explain it all. I have no doubt our talent level is above that of anyone in CUSA even though it is well below SEC standards. The coaching change has a lot to do with it, I’m sure. Not just the change in a system, but also the likely fact that many players just refused to buy in. They were undisciplined under CBB in 2017 (he probably knew early he was unlikely to be retained & failed to hold players to account) and that lack of discipline was magnified when a new staff came in. Coaches can only do so much with the hand they’re dealt.

I’m still optimistic CMM can return the program to respectability, but I’m not sure how fast he can. If he can’t do it fairly quickly, I’m not sure our fans will be patient enough to give him 5 or even 4 years. We’ll need to see significant improvement next year. That might not translate into more than 5 wins, but I’m afraid if we only win 4, there’ll be cries for something like 8 or 9 wins in 2020 or else. I’d like to see 8 wins by 2020, but our schedule will be tougher in 2020. So for fans to keep faith, we’ll need to be very competitive in our losses. We’ll also need another top 20 or better recruiting class next year. It’ll be hard for Morris to get 3 top 20 recruiting classes unless he can show marked improvement the next 2 seasons.

The problem will then be whether Morris’s replacement can build upon a better foundation than Morris had. I fear getting into a coaching carousel. I don’t look forward to the possibility of being a perennial mid-level SEC team where 8 wins is about the best to expect. I don’t regret firing Petrino, but at least he proved the right coach can still win big at Arkansas. I just hope CMM is the right coach. Too early to know if he is.

Yeah, I always like to do the score compare games, some years we can finish at the top!

Expect him to be HC at K State by no later than Wednesday based on scuttlebutt out there.

Played at OU, knows Big 12 landscape, can recruit Metroplex… very good hire IMO

The handling of the QB position was a HUGE part of it. We certainly lacked talent. But, before the book was out on Storey, the OL had its moments against Bama, OM etc.

Once teams realized Storey couldn’t make the throws, they manned up outside, took away short throw inside, brought numbers at the OL and wrecked havoc.

The decision to play Storey and inexplicably stick with him virtually throughout the season basically killed any chances of offensive growth.

If we ever have a coaching change in the next few years we should look towards him. He could be interested since he is from Muskogee,Ok

Are you saying they should have gone with Cole or pups? I was an advocate of starting Connor after NT and take our lumps with a POTENTIAL SEC QB instead of playing the two older guys that are not and never will be SEC QBs.

Dudley and others said it would scar him for life. If he’s the competitor I think he is it would not have.

Brandon Allen turned out okay after a baptism by fire.

UCLA and Nebraska started true freshman and took their lumps early, but by the end of the season both QBs were greatly improved, the teams were competitive in league games, and both teams have their QBs for 2019 identified and we don’t.

Brandon Allen turned out ok the following year, not the one of his baptism.

That was also the opinion of…Connor Noland.

Well if Connor told you he didn’t want to be the starter that tells me something about him that I did not expect nor want to hear.

Wanting to be the starter and recognizing you’re not YET ready for the job are not mutually exclusive. I want to be the Olympic marathon champion but I’m not capable of doing it. With experience and coaching, CN can be a solid SEC QB. But he ain’t there yet. And I think he knew it.


Way i have seen it all along, should have named Kelley the starter after week one of practice and tailored the game plan to his strengths and wait till you get the QB you need to run your offense. Storey as an answer was the wrong one, ask Dan Enos. When RS Freshman 3* CK was the immediate answer to AA’s backup I knew then that no matter the offense Storey was not the answer. It was pretty evident that was the fact. CK getting 90% of the reps would have led to us having a shot at being competitive imo. The UNT game showed just as much that the QB and WRs were on different pages because of lack of familiarity than just CK throwing a bunch of picks. This is a coaching failure imo.

Cole Kelley’s practice performances were consistent with game performances. That’s what ultimately put him on bench.

I figured Connor Noland would emerge at some point. That’s the only part that surprised me.

I’m saying they should have gone with Kelley or Nolan. I know from your posts you think that anyone who believes Kelley should have played is a fool, based on UNT game.

I thought Kelley did OL on intermediate passed that day but that they didn’t put him in a position to succeed.

Regardless, my main point is that you had to play someone (Kelley, Nolan’s, Jones, anyone) who has the ability to threaten the defenses and keep them honest.

Once teams learned Storey lacked the ability to make throws, they manned up outside, brought numbers at the OL and consistently kept us behind the chains.

The choice exacerbated our problems at several positions—QB, OL and WR.

So, I guess my position is the decision to stick with Storey when it was clear he shackled your entire operation was really, really bad.

Maybe so. Makes it even more amazing that they named him the starter coming out of fall camp.

Regardless, playing Storey, throughout, stunted the growth of the offense and the team. He was not an SEC caliber QB.

His deficiencies (arm strength, poor reads, holding on to the ball too long, inaccuracy) had a snowball effect and led to declines in all areas of the offense.

Agree wholeheartedly re Ty

I have no doubt QB was a very weak position for us, but I’m not going to critcize the coaches’ decision on who to play. I didn’t see them practice or know what weaknesses each had. It’s possible they made the wrong decision, but I’m not competent to say that. Neither Nolan nor Stephen Jones seemed to play terribly well in games. At least not well enough to overcome the team’s other problems. It’d sure be nice to have a nice experienced skilled QB next year. Still holding out hope for one to transfer in.

it’s funny, I was looking back on the season last night and I intended to post to the message board that now matter how you spin it, that was the worst Arkansas Razorback football team EVER. Then I look at the paper and WH is doing the same thing. The bright spots, getting beaten 34-3 at Auburn but we played good defense, turns out they have a terrible offense. We play A&M to a 7 point loss, they played without an edge and we managed a late TD to give ourselves a mathematical chance, we did not threaten the endzone on our final possession. Alabama was probably the most fun game of the year(offensively) and we lost by 34. We blew the ole miss game, once again did not threaten on our final possession, the LSU game was close but they were going thru the motions keeping us at arms length. When they needed first downs in the fourth they got them. The low lights; too many to mention. The worst I think was losing the CSU game. They had a very shallow roster and had a couple of starters out on defense and we were inept most of the night. It was a terrible year!! and if it was charted, it ended up lower than it started. No one should get a pass for that debacle.

Colorado State loss, North Texas blowout.’, and the one point win/embarrassment last year against the worst team in the Sunbelt symbolize how pathetic Razorback football is in its present state.

I really admire the young men that have committed. They have chosen to join the laughingstock of the SEC. That’s not easy to do if you have other, legit O5 offers.

Again Storey should have never been a thought, and again don’t try to make CK run your offense, you run an offense he can do, that is good coaching in my opinion.