North Carolina up 13 on Baylor at halftime

The defending NC is in deep poop.

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First time in 70 years I’ve rooted for North Carolina. Just plain cannot stand Baylor….

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I’m rooting for them to comeback. If we make it to the FF, it would be against Baylor. That would give us motivation for last year. If we play someone else, we may not have that extra ummmf for proving ourselves.

I’m reminded of the 1990 tournament, when 8 seed UNC knocked off 1 seed Oklahoma in the second round. Then they ran into the Hogs in the Sweet 16 and got blown out.

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Are you serious? If you can’t get ummmfed for the Final Four, you can’t get ummmfed for anything.

I didn’t say we wouldn’t get ummmfd for the FF, I said extra ummmmf (by playing the team that knocked us out last year, revenge).

My point remains. You don’t need extra oomph when the big prize is hanging right in front of you, whether you’re playing Baylor or Saint Peter’s. Nor do I think it’s possible.

Understand your thought process.

However, I’m good with all the 1-3 Seeds losing BEFORE we have to play any of them. :grin:


Lol, that’s true.

For those that don’t understand my thought process (seems to be several) I’ll break it down:

We play NM St today, we tend to play to the level of our competition. I think you will see us struggle today (I hope not, but…)

When we win, we most likely get Gonzaga (I actually think Memphis will beat them, but….). If we play the Zags, almost every pundit will write us off, we will have that extra motivation to stomp them, and I think we can trash Gonzaga

Then, we most likely get Duke. Want to see Muss get excited, give him the opportunity to be the coach that ends Coach K’s career. He would be so amped, it would carry over.

Then Baylor (certainly doesn’t look that way right now), AR would have a chance at revenge for them beating us last year, that would give us extra motivation. (Plus I can’t stand Manek from OU/Now UNC)

Finally, the NC game (I have TN coming from that side of the bracket). We split with TN this year, we got very little respect for beating TN at BWA, but they got a lot for beating us at Knoxville. On a neutral court,I think it’s a toss up. But again the national pundits will be singing Rocky Top before the tip. Again that would give us extra motivation for that game.

Now, in my opinion that would be best for us, because it would give us extra motivation that the others won’t have. However, I also understand the opinion, if the lower seeds take out the upper seeds, it would make the path easier


Bye Bye Baylor, nada to defending. Well, they got it down to 16. Maybe, but I don’t think so :sunglasses:

Manek and Bakot are fools.

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I’ll be honest, if Manek wasn’t on UNC, I’d be openly rooting for them. I have the same opinion of him, that I had of Laettner and Hurley in the early 90’s

The biggest fool is Scohan for Baylor…

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Won’t disagree with you about that, I do think the zebras have decided to help the Bears

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Agree….who would have thought it?

Mo definitely changed, actually I would prefer they both lose.

I agree with that

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This has been a weird game. A flagrant 2. A double foul on one guy. Baylor goes on a big run after being down 25 (which corresponded with Manek’s ejection).

UNC may still hang on but it’s gotten crazy.

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Should have called a flagrant 2 on Scohan earlier…

Tied up