North Carolina turns down NIT

From preseason #1 to starting the off-season March 12.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch!

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Tar Heel fans can watch everyone else this year! Happy for the entitled much. They have made it a lot when they didn’t earn it. This season they finally got what they earned.


You should be dancing, yeah.

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Have ya’ll read the stories about the two starting guards having issues?

One was dating a girl from the basketball team. The other guard started dating her on the down low and the other guard found out. Needless to say, after that, the season went to crap.

Lots of stuff out there saying the locker room was a disaster due to this.


Hadn’t heard that, but then I don’t frequent Tar Heel sites. I had heard references to bad chemistry.

One of their beat reporters wrote a story about it that I noticed on twitter. That’s how I stumbled on to it.

I bet the game floor trash talk has been of dime novel quality. It might be of interest to request a Tic Tok conversation archive from the Chinese for scouting purposes.

I’ve heard that story before, circa 1991.

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wonder if she’s a bluedevil

maybe a devil in a tarheel blue dress :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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She plays on the UNC womens team.

Hubert Davis is a genuinely nice guy, local reporters all say the team consists of good guys regardless of what the issues were that caused the team not to quite mesh, but since you seem to know them personally and can vouch for them not being nice at all, I’ll take your word for it :joy:.

My dislike for Blue Bloods is what this is about. Hubert seems like a good guy. I have a list of teams I love to see lose, starts with Kentucky, NC, Duke and Kansas. Not a fan of teams that seem above the rules.

No problem. I get that.