North Carolina team....again in Super Regional

Anybody else notice we’ve got the two big State Us of North Carolina in the Super Regionals these past two years ?

Last year at home versus the Ag school and the one that is easier to gain admission as an undergrad.

This year on the road in Chapel Hill versus the more prestigious academic UNC.

Trivial factoid, but interesting to draw those two opponents in the supers in back-to-back years.

Quirk of NC higher education: UNC and NCSU are sister schools, both part of the greater UNC system. So is every other state supported school (East Carolina, App State, etc.). Each campus has its own trustees, though, unlike the UA setup where one BOT covers every UA campus.

NC State is the state’s land grant school and thus feels its mission is to be more inclusive. It’s regarded as “moderately selective” in admissions and 45% of applicants are accepted. UNC is “most selective” and accepts 23% of applicants.

By contrast, the acceptance rate at UA (also a land grant university) is 77%.

Another quirk: In-state tuition at UNC is cheaper than in-state tuition at UA, but non-resident tuition is considerably more expensive at UNC.

I’m certain UA Monticello back in my day (1969) had 100% acceptance. They let me in…. :sunglasses:


The numbers I just found indicate that UAM today is about as selective as NC State, and a lot more than UA. Maybe half of the applicants lack one of the two requirements: A GED/high school diploma, and a pulse.


Gracious, as always

NCSU is the state engineering and agriculture university (NC doesn’t have engineering). Because it has engineering, NCSU is male heavy, while NC is female heavy. Engineering draws a lot of good students to NCSU, hence the upper halves of the student bodies at NCSU and NC are very comparable academically. It is the lower half of the student body where NC is better. The relationship of VaTech and UVA is very similar.

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