North Carolina Hobbling in

We may get a shot at a guard depleted North Carolina team…

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I never buy into the “it’s an easier game” because they have someone out trap. You can look at our own team as an example. We’re down 1 starter and 1 key bench player and one of our top recruits, and we’re looking really good. Sometimes guys step up and play harder knowing they are without some guys. It kinda gives them a chip on their shoulder.

I normally agree but all of their injuries are guards and we will be bringing pressure.

Well, last year their guards weren’t that much of a problem for us. As long as the refs stay healthy, NC, Duke and UK always have the upper hand.

I don’t want to sound like everyone’s over-worried Mother here, but . . . let’s not overlook OU in the first game.

On the times our fans have done that, how has that worked for us?

Jess keepin’ it real . . .

Lol, that’s funny and the sad thing about that statement is, there is a lot of truth to it. Perhaps we catch early less focus by their fan base

It took the refs swallowing the whistle on our end and blowing non stop for them on their end for UNC to beat us last year. And we were the tires worn down team.
The refs will keep the Tar Heels in the any game.