Normally I don’t complain

But the officials are worst than our team. Pass interferences in the end zone against Missouri against one but two players and offsides wasn’t called either. Both calls and a call for holding against were all incorrect according to announcers!

That was a terrible call in the end zone. It was solid defense and an uncatchable ball to boot. The announcers never even said a word about the horrible call.

Lunney has no fire about him. How in the &%$# does he keep his composure watching this stuff go on in front of him.

The coaches looked like they had given up like some of the players.

Bumper Pool and Scoota played hard. I thought the offensive line gave a good effort. They did as well as they were capable of. I saw Agim get pancaked again. He must be just too small to play tackle and too slow to play DE…a tweener. He gave us 4 years…thanks to him.

Agim was held and grabbed all year.
The personal foul was the tip of the iceberg for him 4 year career. He should have shown that fire on the field and sideline to his teammates to fire them up instead of getting the flag. Wasted 4 years.
Scoots and Bumper gave it their all.
There are several that may be giving their all but they are incapable of making plays.
Maybe #4 and # 7 can correct their mistakes so they can make a positive impact next year.
7 need to learn to tackle and also go to the ball instead of waiting!
4 needs to look back for the ball.