Normally don't say much

about an upcoming story but I’m working on a Hog Futures feature that’s so inspirational. Sorry to be vague but once it’s out I think you’ll know why I’m saying this now.

The saying walk a mile in someone else’s shoes is so true about this young man. Sorry for the tease but I’m blown away by this young man.


Now that is what passes for stoking the fire. I imagine most on this board are excited with anticipation. We have certainly enjoyed your many reports. Thanks, Richard.

A few months ago I listened to a Hog Podcast with JD Notae. It will be hard to top that one for inspiration and appreciating where someone has come from but I look forward…

Richard can you tell what the status is of J. D.Notae.

Thank you

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Good question, but probably better asked of Scottie.

Expect some good news soon.

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