Norm Roberts, Kansas player interview notes

• Kevin McCullar said his first impression of Arkansas is that it is an athletic team with explosive players. McCullar played for Texas Tech against the Razorbacks in 2021. He said he remembers a great environment for that game and is eager to play Devo Davis again.

• Kansas guard Joseph Yesufu said he played against Ricky Council when they were at Drake and Wichita State, respectively. McCullar said Devo is the only current Razorback he has played against.

Norm Roberts

• Arkansas is a terrific team and has some of the best athletes in the country. They have 3-4 potential NBA guys. Nick Smith is terrific, Jordan Walsh is a great defender, Devo is a great point guard, Ricky Council is as athletic as anyone, and Anthony Black can play multiple positions.

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• Roberts says it is a day-to-day situation with Bill Self. He was at practice, so we’ll see what happens.

• Comparison with Arkansas and a Big 12 team: I don’t think anybody has as many athletes as Arkansas. We played against a combination of Arkansas’ strengths. Texas probably has as many athletes and is similarly built. We have to play team defense, we have to be in gaps and communicate. Then we have to go rebound when the shot goes up.

• It’ll be an up-and-down game, and Arkansas is always in attack mode. We’ll want to be the same way. It’s going to come down to defensive stops.

• Arkansas is quick and athletic like Texas, but we’ve played against that all year in the Big 12. We can’t let them get comfortable. There are ways we can do that, and we also have to get out in transition, too.

• Eric Musselman has done a great job at Arkansas. He’s an attack-mode guy. He’s done a fabulous job with the Razorbacks.

• When you get in this tournament, everybody is dangerous and very good. You’re playing against champions and teams that have played good schedules. You have to beat tough teams to advance. This year’s game will be a bear, like our game vs. Creighton last year in the second round.

• Council is an explosive athlete. His first step is ridiculous. He can make some shots. The Mitchells are good players. They make an impact on the game defensively and know how to play offensively on the block and at the pinch post (elbows).

• On Gradey Dick: He’s pretty good getting his shot off quickly. He’s tall. He’s 6-8, so he’s already got the ball high up and can get it off quickly. I’m sure Arkansas will try to run him off the three-point line, so he has to work hard off the ball.

• On Ernest Udeh: He is real important. He does not give us the scoring like KJ Adams does, but he is a presence and we’re going to need his energy, ability to rebound and protect the rim.

• On Nick Smith: He is a terrific player. We recruited him, so I know him well and his family well. He can impact the game outside of scoring. He is a main focus and can’t let get off early because he can have a big night.


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This is a game where N Smith has to have one of his better scoring games to keep Kansas from getting big leads (Hawgs cannot have scoring droughts). #1 seeded teams are a handful but I think Muss will have plan for them. Hawgs can beat the Jayhawks.

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I wouldn’t be shocked if we win or if we blow a 20 point lead and lose by 15.

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