Norfolk State scored first on East Carolina

And would lead now if they hadn’t gone Keystone Kops on defense and committed two errors on the same play, which allowed ECU to score two runs. Now 2-1 ECU at the end of 2 after ECU left the bases loaded in the second.

Takeaway point: Even a bad team in this tournament has D-1 athletes. Don’t take them lightly.

Also of note: ECU pitched off; they saved their 10-0 ace for tomorrow. The #2 guy is having trouble throwing strikes

True every team in Regionals for a reason.NJIT won their conference, Bolden can be hit (APB got 7 hits off him) so hopefully he’s sharp and let us come to bat a maybe get a lead.

South Florida is leading the Wallets 2-1 in the fourth. Florida is throwing Tommy Mace who gave us trouble in the opener at BWS.

Liberty smoking Duke11-1(came in winning 12 straight) Duke won both regular season games

Go Liberty.

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Norfolk now leading ECU 3-2, bottom 5th.

USF up 3-2 on Florida. TTech leading Army 6-2. Virginia leading the Poultry 3-1 in the 6th.

Molester State is throwing the same guy who beat us in game 3 in 2018. Dallas Baptist is already up 2-0 on him, top 1 with no outs. Pour it on, DBU!

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