none of us want to play ASU.... WHY ??

They want to “keep that money in the state.” ASU got big bucks to play Nebraska. Where does that money go? The same place that money from a Hog game would go. What money goes “out of state” when ASU plays some other D-1 major program instead of us?

When there is an actual benefit for The Razorbacks to schedule an instate opponent, then that should happen. Until then, the wannabe’s who would like to climb that ladder need to do so without charity from The University of Arkansas. The Demozette’s campaign against The University of Arkansas needs to back off! JMVVVVVVHO.

my entire life
the rule :
arkansas will never play ASU
its like totally in the DNA of Razorback fans

its nature AND nurture

it has just recently dawned on me to ask myself why…

i can recall making the argument that the state wasnt big enough for two major programs.
… this makes sense, right ?
a good argument. solid. rational.

are there others?
other reasons ??

it is frighteningly clear the gap has closed.
there has been more than one year over the last 5 to 6 seasons that we could have lost to them.

it would be awful to lose to The Tribe (now The Pack, i guess)

just revisiting my presuppostions.
my core beliefs on the issue.

Nothing to be gained by playing the J’boro punks & everything to lose…

OOOOPS, you failed to refer to us as the University of Arkansas, FAYETTEVILLE (severe tones of directional)…
Wally is full of BS!!!

I personally don’t see a reason for them to play. It was interesting to hear Bazzel and Bruce James say on the radio earlier this week it was “embarrassing” they don’t play and that the former players they know think the Hogs should play ASU.

Don’t think I’ve ever heard former players opine on the subject before.

To have a different opinion is a campaign against?

If someone wants the UA to play ASU, that’s their business, but to suggest it’s “embarrassing” that we don’t is just plain stupid. It’s a very good policy we’ve followed for years. And let’s face it, these smaller schools aren’t really for “instate competition.” They can get that from playing each other. Each of UCA, ASU, UAPB, UAM etc can play each other week in & week out as far as I’m concerned, but that’s not what they want. They want to play the UA.

But for “embarrassment” I’m much more embarrassed that anyone makes the argument we should do it “to keep the money in state.” Why is that embarrassing? Because it proves the education system in Arkansas is so bad that people don’t understand simple arithmetic. The money coming into the state from Nebraska to play ASU is acutally a bit more than the money leaving the state for us to play FAMU or Coastal Carolina. If “keeping the money in state” were all it was cracked up to be, we should never have ended the old AIC. UCA, ASU, UAPB, Ark Tech, Henderson, Ouachita, & Harding should all play each other every year. No athletic money would leave the state & every weekend would be a huge, exciting in-state game. Sheesh.

David is from Fla and Bruce is from Miss. They grew up watching the in-state teams playing.

Why legitimize their program in the eyes of the state. The only one that gains anything is ASU. There is absolutely nothing to be gained for Arkansas

Nothing to gain

While I agree there is nothing to gain, refusing to even consider playing them makes us look skeered. My question is this: Why has the gap narrowed?

Yes. Florida with some 15M people had Florida, FSU & Miami. Miss has both Ole Miss & Miss St, both SEC teams. I understand Florida. Personally, I don’t really aspire to be like Mississippi. Of course, neither of the Miss teams play So Miss. But “embarrassing”?

Actually Miss St. played in Hattiesburg two years ago and just signed a new series with USM. I believe two in Starkville and one at Hattiesburg.

I do agree with you on the “keep the $ in state” argument doesn’t make any sense.

In a bowl game it would really stink!
I don’t wants the hogs to ever play A State

money?..80,000(razorback stadium)vs 32,000? jonesboro…or war memorial…55,000…uaf loses money if playing in jonesboro or little rock…asu-jonesboro makes money playing in fayetteville or little rock…until their facilities are equal to uaf’s…why should uaf fund asu-j’s building programs.when both schools are approx the same budgets;facilities;and National recognition then maybe they should play each other like florida/fsu… ok/ok state…ole miss/msu…just my opinion

Getting beat by Louisiana Monroe and then a year or two later, Toledo. Both in Little Rock.

This whole discussion confirms my observation that this football program has really regressed. Lo and behold, we are now concerned about getting beat by Arkansas State.


Look, the reality is this UA football program ain’t all that great. Not a lot to jealously guard. And, there aren’t that many recruits in Arkansas to lose to A State, if that’s what everyone is concerned about.

Especially with Bielma at the helm, chances are we will get beat by another mid-major here over the next couple of years. Might as well be the mighty Red Wolves.

Why not? Yeah, keep the money in the state.

Part of me would like to see the in-state game, but realistically, the Hogs have nothing to gain from it. Unless there is a great ground swell for the two schools to play, leave it as it is. That’s been the policy for a long time, and I see no reason to change it now.

I think a better question is what’s in it for the Hogs to play ASU versus playing an out of state non-conference team? Why should the Hogs help fund ASU and give them a better opportunity to compete in-state? What’s in it for UA long term? The answer to those questions is pretty simple-the Hogs get nothing out of playing ASU versus some out-of -state team, at least nothing good.

So the advocates for playing have two arguments. The first one is that other SEC schools play smaller in-state schools. My response is- so what? They can play whoever they want non-conference, that has no bearing on whether it is the right thing for the Hogs to do.

The second argument-keep the money in state- is a crock. First, why help a would-be rival whose one goal in the whole world is to be treated as your equal in your home territory? That makes no business sense at all.

Second, the reality is that the state of Arkansas is not going to see much difference in the money going in and out. ASU goes on the road against power five teams every year and gets a nice fat check for being a designated victim. All that imported cash never makes it into the state if they play UA instead of Nebraska, etc. ASU loses the incentive to play other power five teams for the dough if they can get their hands into the Hog’s wallet every year.

While the ASU people sometimes say they would play for free, they know they could not do that more than once or twice. Their program bleeds red ink every year, and has to have money games against the big schools to survive. Long-term they can only play the Hogs every year if the Hogs pay them to do so-either by getting the same money to come to Fayetteville as other Sun Belt schools, or splitting the gate on a Little Rock game that would likely make them more money than a home game in Jonesboro. Long term ASU gets a financial and prestige windfall, and hopes to get lucky some year and win. The Hogs gain nothing long term from this arrangement. They are still writing checks for non-conference games in Fayetteville and it still costs the program money to play in Little Rock versus Fayetteville.

So “keeping the money in-state” at the end of the day will mean the Hogs will be helping to subsidize ASU’s program as it tries to cut into the Hog fan base-which has zero benefit to the UA. No thanks.

IMO is very simple, up to and until they play each other, it is easy for Arkansans to cheer for both. Once they start playing each other, everyone in Arkansas will have to pick a side. This is what every howling red injun wolf fan thinks about when they spend their alone time in the shower. They know it is the only way they can increase their fan base and grow. They have vivid nocturnal emission-type dreams about being Auburn in the Iron bowl, OSU in Bedlam, Oregon St. in the Civil War, or Wash St in the Apple Cup.

The fact that those rivalries and programs grew organically together over the years, or that they occur in states with populations that far exceed Arkansas does not phase them, it only makes them want it more. I can’t imagine why the UofA would agree to fuel this lunacy, or what they would hope to gain from it.

Good points on the business side that is the ultimate
deciding factor against the silly game between The
University of Arkansas and that red clay school in
NE Arkansas.
It could only diminish the Razorbacks in fan appeal
and does not offer any reciprocal gains to The University
of Arkansas. There is not a win-win here, just a win-loss for
the wrong team. They can’t lose and we can’t win.