Non football ? Duck season

Given low water and dry conditions, how does the Arkansas waterfowl season look at this early stage? I have been hearing some various reports and trying to gauge my interest in coming down this year. I would enjoy fellowship of old friends but like to see some good action too.

Pretty rough if you don’t have a spot that has the ability to pump water!

The top places have reservoirs and have ducks. This is better than a wet, wet fall with the Cache and White flooded. Then ducks have plenty of hiding spots.

Bottom line, if you have water, you probably have ducks. Not saying it’s going to be a great year.

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But if we don’t get some rain and in a hurry, they won’t stay around long. This is the driest I can ever remember. I have been around the Cache, White, and L’anguille and they are really low.

I don’t know how much rain it will bring, but there are a lot of rainy days in the forecast the next week or so. I don’t think we will get any tomorrow in Northwest Arkansas, but the eastern part of the state is probably going to get some severe weather tomorrow, maybe tornadoes.

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