Non-conference series against Oklahoma

Obviously our game against Oklahoma in Tulsa will go on as planned this season, but I’m guessing future games will be canceled if they join the SEC. I wonder if we will look for a replacement team to do a neutral site non-conference series with?

Keep in mind that games against conference foes can be played as non-conference games.

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While this seems likely to get done, the additions to the SEC - in terms of actual playing conference games - would seem to take a few years.

As far as I know, this was a one-shot neutral site deal with OU. Obviously, if they’re in the SEC we wouldn’t play them in Tulsa; it would be in Norman and BWA.

Marty is right. Even in football. North Carolina and Wake Forest hadn’t played in football in several years under the ACC setup, so they scheduled nonconference games in 2019 and 2021.

The Tulsa game with OU was scheduled as at least a 4 year series. Obviously missed the first one this past season

I don’t guess there’s any rule against playing a conference game at a neutral site, especially if it’s not a team you’re playing twice that year. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done. Somebody would be giving up a home conference game (same deal as the football game with A&M). Probably, though, if OU is in the league before 2024-25 the deal is off.

The Oklahoma series was contracted to be played twice, with the option for two more games if the schools liked how the first two games went.

I suspect the teams will play the next two seasons in Tulsa, and maybe four games. As of now, OU won’t be playing SEC basketball until 2026. I know many expect that to change.

When you say 2026 do you mean the 25-26 season? Or is there a reason bball is a season later then football?

Yes, it would be the 2025-26 season. I tend to refer to basketball conference seasons by the last half because that is when conference games are played (minus the rare late December game).

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