Non conference SEC Saturday game in Starkville

Looks like one in Starkville as well. SO FAR, we are getting pushed around on both sides of the ball. Especially on the defensive side. SO FAR!

Let’s see how long SO FAR continues in the second half.

Straight down the field until we get the TD called back on a pick play. Still got three.

I’ll take three. But we will need TD’s and keep them from scoring.

The Key is only 3!

You’re right, Army! Just trying to be as positive as I can.
Having said that, BAM! MS scores another TD!
Puts that 3 for 7 in better perspective.

SO FAR, no longer applies. We are officially like a non conference game opponent. That hurts to say it. Sad.

schedule us for homecoming for a couple of years?

men among boys upfront on both sides,until we get that fixed we will have 0 chance to compete in this division.