Non conference Baseball?

Watching Hog Baseball Intersquad Game on tv, the announcers were discussing the possibility of eliminating a lot of pre-conference games and starting the season later. All this is due to COVID.

I didn’t hear the entire conversation.

Has anybody else heard anything regarding this?

Arkansas has a normal nonconference schedule set, but Dave Van Horn told me he is also planning for the possibility of the SEC and/or NCAA putting restrictions on scheduling. Nothing is set in stone yet.

I’ve heard rumors that several options are on the table (as they should be in these uncertain times), including 4 game SEC weekend series! That would certainly seem to be to the benefit of someone as deep in pitching as we seem to be going into this season.

SWC used to play a lot of doubleheaders. I would not object to one game Friday and Sunday and two on Saturday.

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