Non-Conf Sched

Unless I’m looking at something wrong, we have only played 2 teams with winning records outside of the SEC—Stanford and Louisiana.

Seems like that could certainly leave us outside the national seed lines…perhaps even not hosting, if we don’t finish well.

We also avoided the top 2 teams in the East. Our SOS appears atrocious…

It is what it is. Hard to get many teams to come to Baum-Walker. They got a lot of RPI points last year in Arlington. They will go back next year. And have some other decent games.

Just win the last month and it will work out.

UALR is just above .500 and Missouri State is 21-19 going into tomorrow’s game.

UIC will end the season with a winning record. UIC played a hard nonconference schedule, but it is maybe the best team in its conference.

Oh thanks. I forgot to check the in-state teams. I didn’t realize Little Rock had a winning record.

I did notice that Missouri state was 21-19. I just remember hearing about some of those early season opponents, that they would probably be at the top of their conferences. Doesn’t look like that ended up being the case.

I don’t think any of the nonconference weekend teams were picked to win their leagues, but most were expected to be in the race, and that’s the case for most right now.

Stanford is 3 games back of first place in the Pac-12.

Southeastern Louisiana is 2 games back of first place in the Southland.

Louisiana-Lafayette is 3 games back of first place in the Sun Belt.

UIC is 2.5 games back of first place in the Horizon League. UIC has played fewer conference games than the first-place team Wright State, and holds a tiebreaker over Wright State based on head-to-head.

Of the teams Arkansas played early in the season, Illinois State is the team that has underperformed in its conference to this point.

Yeah, and I certainly am not blaming us for scheduling things the way we did. I’m just saying that, when your nonconference schedule ends up only including two or maybe three teams that make the tournament, it may not bode well for your seeding.

At this point, if we do get a national seed, it either means we end the regular season with very strong run…or we just get it based on reputation.

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