Nolan's simulator predicts finals - OSU vs. Hogs

Gives OSU a 62% chance of winning the best of 3 series, to our 38%

One of his predictors has them as a 54% to 46% favorite in each individual game. The other (ELO) has OSU a 56 to 44 percent favorite in each contest. … 2018-06-25

OSU had a 58% chance of advancing against an unseeded team that had played one less game in their bracket.

Now they have a 62% chance of beating the #5-seeded team that played TWO fewer games during the past week+?

I almost can’t get my head wrapped around that one. :? :roll:

I don’t buy it! If our pitchers do their part we will be fine! Oregon State will be lucky to get 4 innings out of their top 2 starting pitchers. They both have started 2 games.
I give the pitching edge to the hogs! That edge also goes to the bullpen as well!
At the plate I believe it will come down to swinging at strikes. There won’t be many BB’s it will come down to which team can get the big hit in a timely manner.
Hogs win!

We each have our own opinion about what may happen. Just passing along the simulation results, that’s all.

Yeah I have never really understood all this

I guess the only reason we were favored two days ago was because OSU had to win two in a row