Nolan's metrics pick us to beat Florida tonight - sort of

Nolan’s RPI site has a page (see link below) that predicts the outcomes of the day’s games by score, based on a couple of different algorithms. Both of them pick us to win tonight’s game by 1 run.

However, or % chance of winning the game is 54% for the resid prediction . . . but only 48% for the ELO prediction (which also predicts us to win a 1 run game, by score).

I just can’t get it out of my head


We need to build a lead of 4 or 5 to win by 1! I think the hogs could suprise Florida with an explosion on offense. I just hope our defense is solid.

Hopefully we can carry this over like we did in the Kentucky series, when we hit the ball the way they’re capable it is awesome to see

Really?? No one?

Metrics smetrics, Bats will be alive this morning and the Hogs will win by 2 runs. We don’t want LSWho in the night cap.



Win and don’t worry about it! The night cap is the game you don’t want but our pitching is in better shape for the night cap than LSU. Today will be LSU’s 4th game this week. The winner of our game will only be going into game 3! The clear advantage goes to Arkansas or Florida.
Oh course someone will have to kill the possum.