Noland will start Monday

Dave Van Horn is going with Connor Noland tomorrow because of the mostly right-handed lineup for Texas Tech. I also spoke with Tim Tadlock this morning about his pitching plans. He hasn’t announced a starter, but it sure sounded like he was giving heavy thought to pitching Bryce Bonnin.

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What I thought with all their right-handed hitters if his breaking ball is working he could be effective!

Looks like the wind will be blowing in from left/left center, so that bodes well for him just pitching to contact and keeping the ball inside the park. He’s capable of having some really good outings.

Why did Bonnin leave Arkansas and how did he get immediate eligibility?

He wanted to be a starter and Arkansas’ coaches saw him as a relief pitcher.

He was immediately eligible because of the timing when he was given his release from the program, in July. As I understand it, he petitioned the NCAA for immediate playing time, claiming the later-than-usual summer release caused an unnecessary burden. He won.