Noland will be back soon

Dave Van Horn said today that Noland could be pitching in games again in about two weeks.

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Any idea who might pitch tomorrow? I thought Noland was a likely candidate until this injury came to light (or at least that I became aware of it.)

Kole Ramage will start tomorrow.

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Thanks Matt. I hope Kole is a bit more effective than he has been.

If not, we’ll do what we’ve done all year – bullpen by committee.

Ramage needs to get back to being able to his successful ways on the mound. Kopps can get it in some out of the bullpen but we need Ramage too!

I had forgotten that it was Ramage who got so beat up the last time we played UALR. That was perhaps the most embarrassing loss of the DVH era. To lose badly to a team that was not nearly as good as we were and to be an in-state team to boot. Fortunately, “it’s baseball” kept it from mattering very much. We still made the CWS & UALR returned to obscurity. Tonight & tomorrow is their shot at becoming temporarily relevant again in college baseball in Ark.

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