Noland to start Game #1 of Regional...

Connor Noland gets the start Friday. Isaiah Campbell will pitch on Saturday.

saw elesewhere where he’s getting the nod b/c C conn hits worse against RH I am ok with it.Noland has been very good at home…will be interesting to see who TCU and Cal start? supposedly TCU is thinking about holding back their Ace LH and Cal usually starts their Ace the 2nd game and if that happens we will see one Heck of a pitching matchup with Campbell and make our Game with either one much tougher.

If they’ve got a baseball reason for doing it (e.g. they think they match up better with us), that’s understandable, but unlike a 1 seed pitching off against a 4, it’s risky for a 2 or 3 to pitch off against each other. One of them is going to lose & that means their second game is do or die. If we were a 2 seed, I’d be less inclined to pitch off

Yeah I agree NEA it would be risky especially for Cal b/c I think they just have the one really good pitcher whereas TCU I think has2 real good LH so we shall see what happens

… with the first thread to announce this.

I like Connor in this role, starting pitcher for this critical series. I also like reserving Zay for the winner of the 2-3 game. Both of those teams are good. Connor will set the stage for a solid first game W. wps

It’s essential we win the first two games. I know it’s possible for a team to win from the losers bracket, but it’s very hard & it also uses up pitchers for the super. I’m confident Conner can win the first game & that Zay can win the second, but that second game won’t be easy. I understand both Cal & TCU have very good 2nd day pitchers & both are contemplating pitching their ace the second day.

Frogs/Bears have to win on Friday or their ace will be pitching an elimination game with CCSU. I cannot imagine a 2 or 3 seed saving their ace for the second game unless that 3 seed really doesn’t deserve to be there. Which could be the case with TCU given their status with the committee. But it’s baseball, anything can happen. We lost to UALR. Big.

How does it use up pitchers for the super? I’m lost.

Campbell will get five days rest for sure. There are three days in between for relievers. The guys who pitch Monday prob would not pitch in between. The most games you can have in a super is three.

Maybe I’m missing something.

DVH knows how to handle his pitching staff. I have every confidence in his choice of starting pitchers.

Well, I’d defer to you, Clay, but it seems to me if a team has to win the regional from the losers bracket it will play 5 games in 3 days. If it then faces a team in the Super that won its regional in 3 straight games, there’d be strain on the BP. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but it sure seems to me it would be a problem

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Good call by Coach.

I think Connor is really about to turn the corner as a pitcher.

I think so too Dudley…really has shown he can dominate even the best lineup…his performance against Miss St was the best pitched game we’ve had this year IMO. I think if anything he has too good of control, mage to learn to waste some pitches. Living in Atlanta all those years I will never forget what Tom Glavine said He said the hitters ego we’ll get him out way more than I will that’s why you saw him continually throw the ball off the plate