Noland starting Tomorrow

have to admit I am really surprised by that considering how bad OM has hit LH pitching…I am thinking he trusts Noland to throw strikes more but just hope he can keep it down b/c he has given up more HR’s than anybody to a team that can hit it out…

I hate to say this, but I think Van Horn is looking at the game three matchup. And he is hoping Noland wins tomorrow

well Noland faced them in Hoover and they only got 2 hits in 5 innings…its going to be a low scoring game more than likely b/c Nikhazy has been all but untouchable lately but we have seen some great LH lately and we did get 3 runs off him March but he is very good.Noland will have to be sharp and locating his pitches for sure.

I think you’re right. Ole Miss has a vastly higher batting average against right handed pitchers (not named Campbell). Meaning, DVH would rather face the Rebs on Monday with a left handed pitcher, but he’s giving Connor the opportunity to close the door tomorrow. If the Rebs win on Sunday they will likely have a depleted relief squad for Monday.

At this time, Saturday eve, the Razorbacks pitching staff is in excellent shape for one or two more games.

Noland has been great for the better part of the past eight weeks, especially at home. In his last four home starts he has allowed one earned run in 25 1/3 innings. All of those games were against NCAA Tournament teams, including two now in the super regionals.

He is the better of the two freshman starters right now. He is undoubtedly the most efficient.